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Title: Grain Free
From: Susie Bosher Date: 15/03/2017
My 6yr old sheltie, has always been a very fussy eater,with a sensitive tummy,touch wood he's been on the Grain Free Pork & Potato food for 4 days without having his normal bad stomach, he's actually looking forward to his meals instead, my other shelties are now having to eat up the ones that did'nt work. Will continue to keep my fingers crossed that this will keep working, so far so good.
Title: Quality food
From: Susan Pickering Date: 21/02/2017
We have a retired working springer who came to us aged 6 and a few months. She was a very indifferent eater who would pick at her food, eating only a few bits at anyone time. I gradually incorporated the Vets Kitchen senior food and now have a dog who is so eager for her food and eats it with obvious enjoyment. She is now 8 and a half and does not look like a senior dog, her coat is good, she has lots of energy and her digestive system is vastly improved too. I also add the joint supplement which has helped an arthritic elbow joint immensely. Excellent delivery service as well.
Title: Great cat food
From: Agna Date: 16/01/2017
Than you so much, I think your food is the best cat food available out there. Our cat really likes it and we feel confident that we're feeding her with a high quality food :) Highly recommended!
Title: Shiny & Healthy Coats
From: Christian Henning Date: 28/11/2016
We recently moved to the UK. As I was looking for good dog food, I stumbled across Pet's Kitchen at Tesco. After reading the description on the bag, I gave it a try and never looked back. This is GREAT grain-free dog food that turned my doggies' coats very soft and healthy in no time plus the shedding has stopped almost immediately. My canine crew (3 Chihuahuas, 1 Tibetian Spaniel) are very happy and also like the Star treats very much. Also love the senior food for our oldest fella. Love the online order option with free delivery. Saves me from schlepping the food back from Tesco :).
Title: Happy Maggie
From: Philip Custance Date: 14/09/2016
Our rescue dog ( Maggie aged 18 months) was having rather unpleasant digestive problems until we tried her on the sensitive grain free food. Within days the problem was gone and she was back to normal and so much happier and livlier. We have therefore ordered direct as it is much better value than the supermarket prices! Thank you
Title: Champion Buddy!
From: Alan Bowen Date: 22/06/2016
We've fed our Border Collie, Buddy, on Vet's Kitchen food since we got him as a pup ... he's now two and a bit years old. Buddy's just lifted first prize for "Best Condition" at the local Gala Week Dog Show. A testament to your food and lots of exercise! I've turned a few family and friends onto your dog food and will continue to recommend it to anyone who will listen.
Title: Thank you
From: Ms Abrahams Date: 12/06/2016
Our 3 cats absolutely adored the samples we received. It was pleasing to see that our eldest cat didn't have digestion issues, with either of the two products tested. His sensitive stomach has caused a lot of trial and error with various brands. I will definitely be incorporating Pet's Kitchen into their diet from now on.
From: Ms Hammond Date: 04/05/2016
My spocker loves this food just wish you can buy it in the shops, I have to go out of my way to the big super market untill now as I will order it on line direct and able to buy more for less.. Thank you for making such a great food I can trust is good for my dog, because other brands have so much harmful ingrediance, my spocker has a sensitive tummy and kept being unwell through other brands or he just did not like them.. GREAT DOG FOOD I WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE
Title: Free Sample
From: Raji Date: 26/04/2016
I requested some free samples for my little Jack Russell and he loves them. Will definitely be buying some for him
Title: Super Sensitive Setter's Stomach Settled Straight-away
From: Andy Date: 25/01/2016
Thank you, thank you, thank you Pets' Kitchen. My English Setter has struggled with a huge number of allergies for years. He has been ill for most of his 3 years of life and I had come to believe that (after many failed attempts) that I would never find a food that would make him healthy again. After a terrible year of colitis, apathy and hair loss, I finally found a food that he can eat safely. The results are amazing! I have my dog back again; he has energy and vitality and his hair is growing back. His quality of life has improved dramatically since he started eating the Vet's Kitchen Sensitive food. In fact, so has mine, because your delivery service and price is also excellent. I have passed your details to my Vet and will share your product with all of my dog owning friends. 5 Stars all round. Superb!
Title: free sample
From: ann hughes Date: 22/01/2016
Hi ,received my free sample today for my cat purdy, she absolutely loves it,so will be ordering some in next few days, thanks vets kitchen x
Title: Little Stars Dog Treats
From: Tiana Date: 26/09/2015
I have recently started to change my 12 year old Yorkshire terrier to Vets Kitchen. He had started to be picky with his food, I wanted a better quality food. I am mixing Vets Kitchen Salmon and Potato with a few bits of his old dog food, gradually increasing the Vets Kitchen. I have also changed his treats from 'Mini Bones' to Vets Kitchen Little Stars Salmon treats. He loves them, and unlike his old treats he doesn't get the runs if he eats too many.
Title: vets kitchen
From: jeanette brown Date: 21/06/2015
i own 4 cavaliers aged 8yrs 7yrs 5yrs and 3yrs all are fed on vets kitchen and absolutely love it , they all have fabulous coats, shiny and silky, and in super trim condition (my vets words) we also have a japanese puppy 7 months who is also fed on vets kitchen and he is in fantastic condition too thanks Vets kitchen , so sorry to see that both my local asda and tesco have stopped selling it, they are both very large supermarkets in my area.
Title: Youthful dogs
From: Heather Dean Date: 15/04/2015
Our two border collies were much admired where ever we went on our recent holiday. People remarked on their shiny coats and thought that our 8 year old collie was a puppy! We were asked what we fed them on and when we told people they said it was worth trying it themselves, if the dogs looked that young! We have not always fed them on Pets/Vets Kitchen food but there has been a noticeable difference in their coats and wellbeing since we have. The vet has also remarked on their wonderful coats and youthfulness.
Title: Good customer service and happy cats
From: Claire Mackie Date: 24/02/2015
I had previously bought the vet's Kitchen Little Hearts treats from another shop for my 2 cats who absolutely love them. One of them is a very fussy eater and has expensive tastes in food and treats. Only the best will do for the little madam! She took to these instantly which is a sure sign of a quality product. When I saw them on sale here I stocked up. There was a slight issue with my order but the lovely staff here at pets' Kitchen were very quick to rectify the problem. I'm happy and my cats are happy. Thanks very much!
Title: My puppy refused to eat until I discovered Vet's Kitchen
From: Rachel Griib Date: 12/02/2015
My 9 week old cocker spaniel was looking a little thin and showed no interest in the food that his breeder gave us. I tried all sorts of ways of getting it down him and was getting worried that he was becoming malnourished. By chance I bought a bag of Vet's Kitchen puppy food. He absolutely loves it and can't get enough of it. His meal disappears in minutes rather than being left in his bowl untouched. He is already starting to fill out again and has boundless energy after a feed. Thank you for a great product.
Title: My 13 yr old Westie has regained the energy of years ago!
From: Claire Davis Date: 28/12/2014
I decided to try the Adult chicken with brown rice for my 13 year old Westie. She needed to lose weight and I was looking for a good quality food, which would also help her stiffening joints. I am so impressed! She has started to lose weight, even though she is not on the light or senior version, as this was not available in the supermarket at the time. She has also regained the energy she had as a much younger dog - wanting to play all the time and running around the field on her walks rather than just a slow plod. I have also given it to my American Cocker x Bichon as he has had skin issues and I have noticed that he is not licking and scratching his skin like he did before. He is not so keen on only dry food, but I will persevere! Thank you so much for a top quality product. I feel confident in ordering the larger size bags from your site now :o)
Title: Fussy and sensitive
From: Avrina Milton Date: 20/12/2014
I have been feeding my 2yr old GSD your moist dog food for about four months now. Previously I struggled with every dog food known to man. He would sniff it and only eat under sufferance. If I gave him any kibble he thought I was poisoning him I also had to be careful as his skin has a tendency to become itchy and red if any additives etc. He always looked really lean although I certainly didn't want him too fat either. It was time to do lots of homework and change once and for all. I searched the internet for natural food and came across Joe and Jacks. He eats the lamb and chicken with relish and we haven't looked back and even eats the kibble in his Kong. He looks brilliant now and no skin problems. Many many thanks
Title: 2 dogs with sensitive stomachs
From: Nicola Woolmer Date: 05/10/2014
We bought a companion for my older dog and brought him home from the breeder using the food they supplied and his D+ just didn't improve, after a quick phone call we decided that he and several others were probably intolerant to the food so a quick change was in order. Down Tesco's and by the nearest bag of pup food before sorting something more permanent out. After a bit of searching we came across Vet's Kitchen and thought we'd give it a go. Our older dog was intolerant to lamb and apparently so was the pup and most 'sensitive' diets favor lamb, unhelpfully for us, the pup also seemed to have a problem with the quantity of 'wet food', so good quality biscuit was essential. 1 year on and we've only had a couple of runny tummy's and they're both still eating every bowlful put in front of them. When they don't eat their dinner we know there's something wrong! Yes it's a little pricey but bulk buying helps a little. I'd rather have fewer trips to the vets because I pay a little more for their food.
Title: My Little Poppy loves Vet's Kitchen
From: veronica jackson Date: 28/08/2014
Hi just started my 4 year old CKCSpaniel on Vet's Kichen and so far so good. I have tried all different types of Kibble but she always leaves them. I had tried the Brown rice and chicken and have now bought the salmon and potato. Thank-you
Title: excellent value and superb quality
From: Elizabeth Collins Date: 29/07/2014
My four yr old rotty has always been a faddy eater and had the dodgy tum that rotties seem to be a bit prone to, but after a bout of illness I came across this site while looking for an alternative food to try her on. She absolutely loved it from the first mouthful and now wouldn't eat anything else (unless it was my tea!) I love the fact that it contains glucosamine as my previous rotty got very stiff when he got old and I tried him with glucosamine supplements and he turned back into a very spritely old man, my girl was on them as well to ward off any future problems but now I don't need any extras as everything she needs for a healthy digestive system, glossy coat and healthy joints is all in her food which she loves. As for cost, it may be a little more than some other brands but it lasts much longer as it is better quality and more filling making it great value too. I now have a very happy, healthy and no longer overweight pooch, I'm very pleased to have found this site and the excellent service just makes it even better, I'll definitely be a customer for as long as I have dogs.
Title: Good stuff
From: Wendy Baker Date: 06/07/2014
So far so good, all 3 of my dogs 8,6 and 3 years are enjoying the food with no problems
Title: telephone order
From: JOAN GALLAGHER Date: 06/06/2014
hello, I just placed a small order over the telephone today approx 1120 am. I just wanted to say how helpful the young lady was how took my oder, I hope my dog likes the food, cheers,]from Joan .
Title: My lab is drooling!
From: Marie Date: 31/05/2014
I had not managed to replace my dog's usual kibble I buy from our vet's, so picked up a bag of your Vet's Kitchen Chicken & Rice Light when in Tesco. I was impressed by the ingredients list so decided I'd give it a try till I got to the vet. I live in rural Ireland so have to travel to shops, vet, etc. Well, if I was impressed with the ingredients, you should have seen my 9 year old black lab! As you know, labs are the dustbins of the dog world and would eat anything, but the only time I've seen my dog drool for his food is when we humans are eating some tasty food e.g. roast chicken, where the smell permeates the place. With your food he drools when I'm pouring the kibble into his bowl! My only problem now is that I can only seem to get tiny 1.3kg bags in Tesco and my dog is a 43kg lab so that won't last long. He's also always had a sensitive stomach so I have to be careful what I feed him, but his stools are totally normal on this food. Well done!
Title: Excellent service
From: Joyce Lunt Date: 01/04/2014
We have purchased Vets Kitchen from a supermarket, and we were very happy with the product. This is the first time we have ordered direct, and we are totally impressed with the quality of the service. To be able to actively follow the progress of your delivery is first class. Zak our 3year old Rough Collie thanks you for his treats.Have already recommended you to my sister, who has already placed an order. Would definatly recommend. Kind regards Joyce Lunt and a very happy Zak
Title: Excellent Service
From: Geraldine Smith Date: 24/12/2013
I have been feeding Vet's Kitchen to my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for several months and can not fault it. She is a fussy eater and I had at last found something she liked. For some reason I can no longer buy this locally, so thought I would try buying it direct. I put an order in on Sunday 22nd December, not expecting it to arrive until the New Year, I was so surprised when it arrived first thing Tuesday 24th December ! What excellent service, I shall be shopping with you in the future. Many thanks, Geraldine.
Title: excellent product
From: karen mccord Date: 13/12/2013
my dog has had terrible itchy skin for around 3 months , I thought id tried everything until I saw your skin supplement for dogs , I gradually switched from james well beloved to vets kitchen potatoe + salmon 2x day + 1 spoonsfull a day of the skin supplement , well wow what a diffrence my little japanese spitz is comfortable in her own skin + she loves the food , her coat looks great + no more nasty itching please do not change the recipe or stop making it , its brilliant Thank you Vets Kitchen (joe inglis)
Title: litter of 12 Dogue de Bordeaux Puppies
From: Rita Sell Date: 03/12/2013
I have put my old Dogue de Bordeaux aged 11yrs onto Vet's Kitchen senior he has got a new lease of life my bulldog had a weight problem but not now on the light and Daisy new first time mum of 12 it was the Vet's Kitchen that has really built her up her back to her old self and now the dirty dozen puppies in the past I always had trouble getting them onto solid food but the Vet's Kitchen is the very best the puppies have trived on the food they are big chunky pups with big bone mass they love the food and not one upset tummy I have tried very hard to get all the new owners onto this food we made up a large puppy pack and put trial size packs of adult annd senior as some had older dogs and adult I have had such a wonderful feedback from new owners who have continued to feed the new member of the family with the food and also those who have other dogs have now changed over to Vet's Kitchen I informed them that although it is more expensive than other food you don't use as much the dog is full and content and remains well with normal stools all have noticed that the dogs they changed to your food are now much better I would encourage anyone who breeds dogs to change to this food and make sure you have the digestion bottle thank you this has been the best litter of puppies I have ever reared the coats were fantastic the pups all healthy leaving to a forever home with the puppy starter pack in tow and the little book informing them of how the food works many many thanks
Title: Brilliant Product
From: amanda Smith Date: 07/11/2013
We have a young Jack Russell who developed what we thought to be pancreatitis who lost most of his body weight quickly due to lack of eating but it turned out to be a tumour of his colon and small bowel. We struggled to get him to eat after his op and for the following 2 months and we feared we would lose him, we tried various vet recommended food with him but nothing would pick him up. Our last resort to try and get him to eat was found by chance on Asda's shelves, we purchased a small bag of chicken and rice dog food and the Vets kitchen gravy mix and tried him on little bits at a time and WOW is all I can say, he took to it straight away, he's had no problems on this food as it is so gentle on his stomach and he is more settled and back to his nutty self again... If you have an animal with any tummy troubles this is the product for you.... Thank you so much...
Title: Woweeee
From: Claire raymond Date: 26/09/2013
My cat tibby just loooooves his new vets kitchen dried food, he literally can't get enough of it! so much so we've had to hide it in a cupboard so he doesn't claw open the bag! I've always fed tibby on 89p dried food which he wasn't too fussed on, and never would he be climbing up my leg at feeding time like he does now! He seems to be a more happier cat too, I will never go back to 89p food again! and the vets kitchen little hearts are more than treats, they are a little something which has made the whole family bond with our tibs on another level, it's lush!
Title: Vets Kitchen dog food
From: Lynda Shirer Date: 25/09/2013
I have a 5 and a half year old Cavalier King Charles who has bee very poorly for over 6 months now and after emergency care, he was then transferred to my own vets and put on numerous medication and different types of food because of his illness and which cost us an absolute fortune. We decided to stop all medication and the food as he was interested most of the time unless you put chicken in but still left the dried food. I was at my local Asda and noticed Vets Kitchen in Chicken and Brown Rice i decide to buy a bag and try it and it was absolutely marvelous not only did he enjoy the food but he is slowly coming back to his old self and his coat is shinier too , i have just purchased the Salmon and Potato and he loves that too . A big thank you to Vets Kitchen , i love your products and will carry on buying them and the treats too .
Title: Rita
From: Rita Sell Date: 06/09/2013
I have just ordered and had delivered the light diet for dogs I have been tryong for so long to get my Bulldog Hattie to eat a low-Calorie food and she just loves the food so bother trying to get her to eat I put down the food thinking here we go agin but bliss she attaked the food and turned over her bowl looking foe more and the best ever she was not looking foe other things and she is not going mad turning over bins as before looking for more food she settled down and slept what bilss, I am now putting my Dogue de Bordeaux who is 44 days into whelp such a fussy eater always onto the adult food and will add the puppy food , thank you so much for all the help given this makes such a change to the normal food outlets for the first time I got good advise again many thanks
Title: Ollie the collie
From: Kathryn Hopkins Date: 22/08/2013
We have had Oliver our border collie since he was 8 weeks old, he started off on the puppy food and now has the adult. He absolutely loves it ( always has a bit of fresh chicken or turkey mince in with it but that's just because he is spoiled rotten) He is happy and very fit and active, no skin or digestion problems, people always comment on his lovely coat and ask us what we feed him. He will be two in October and the only change we will ever make to his food is to put him on the senior version in years to come. We order the adult mixed online, free delivery which arrives in a day or so. We can not recommend the food or the company highly enough😇👍👍👍 Thank you
Title: happy owner
From: sue marley Date: 23/06/2013
our border collie is 8 and extremely active but lately has been showing some signs of ageing, eg, not been able to jump up on the bed and walking with a bit of difficulty after exertion, however upon discovering vets kitchen active sauce with glaucosomine he is back to his old self!! it took about 3 weeks for us to notice a difference but he is like a puppy again!!! this is a great product and I will continue to use it.
Title: Healthy and Happy
From: Paula Loxley Date: 06/03/2013
Our wonderful black lab Alfie suffered from the age of two with a range of skin allergies that made him miserable with itchy and scabby skin. Allergy tests were not really conclusive other than small intolerance to dust ( did have builders in when it first started) and there did not seem to be any real pattern to the outbreaks. We had always fed Alfie dry food and kept changing looking for healthier and natural products. We then tried a small bag of Vets kitchen chicken and rice and salmon and potato which became available at the time in Waitrose. Within a couple of weeks his skin drastically improved and he has now enjoyed the chicken and rice and salmon and potato adult varieties for more than two years. His skin complaint is virtually non existent ( apart from the odd occasions when he chooses to roll in a green stagnant pond or bog!) and the condition of his coat and wagging tail is amazing. Well done Vets Kitchen.
Title: Fluffy
From: Zoe Christodoulou Date: 16/02/2013
Vet's kitchen dry cat food is fantastic! I have 4 cats and since my daughter decided that they should go on an organic diet we have decided to try Vet's kitchen(my daughter is very much against animal testing!) Well, what can I say? My cats now won't eat anything else so I panic when it gets down to the last bag I have to reorder quickly as they refuse to eat anything else! They love it so much !!! Thank you!!
Title: Amazing
From: Sarah Ayling Date: 01/02/2013
Hi PK team. I would just like to let you know how fantastic your food is. I run a fully licensed dog creche and walking service in Bournemouth ( and recently changed my dog food from a very reputable brand to yours. My dogs love it! Hedley, one of my Springer Spaniels has never had much of an appetite and we were quite concerned as he is very small for his breed. After putting a bowl of Vets Kitchen down for him he wolfs it down and has put on healthy weight which was an impossible task before! He no longer suffers from loose stools or lack of appetite and has a great healthy glow about him. I also use it with clients dogs that are on holiday with us when they get low on their own food and they also can't get enough of it. (Gets quiet costly though) We cater for many dogs everyday and hoped you might send us some little treats of anything with your logo on so we can spread the word! We'd be just as keen to advertise your products on our vehicles, clothing and website should you be looking at sponsoring a business like mine. Kindest regards Sarah Ayling
Title: My cat Tink loves joe & jills chicken & rice
From: Vana Bartley Date: 07/01/2013
Tink has had a delicate tummy since he was 2yrs old, he is nearly 3 now. He now has Joe & Jills chicken & rice dry food and has been much better !! His tummy is better, and his fur looks good, its a great food and would recomend it to all cats with sensitive tummys.
Title: Fuss
From: Patricia Barasch Date: 23/11/2012
Over the years I have tried to feed my cross Wheaton/Yorkshire Terrier nutritious dog food. I have a beautiful but bossy daughter (RAC Cirencester graduate - following her heart to become, hopefully a vet) who constantly nagged and finally gave up bringing nutritious dry food for Louis to try (wouldn't eat any of them). One day I discovered cat treats my cat Felix went wild for (and he is a spoiled half ferrel). Therefore, I thought, I would give Vets Kitchen dry nutritious food a try. Immediately 'phoned my daughter to tell her 'Louis is eating nutritious food - and he loves it!!!!'. Now going to check out the cat food and try the delivery service.
Title: The ultimate diet
From: Bernard Barton Date: 18/10/2012
I am a retired police officer from Swinton in Greater Manchester and my wife is also retired. With plenty of room and time on our side we decided to get a dog. After checking different dogs homes and charities, we decided on the Lancashire and Bellvue Retired Greyhound Trust in Ormskirk Lancashire. We were visited at our home address by their rep' to see if we were in a position to look after a grey hound . On our first visit to Ormskirk we imediately fell in love with Millie and and after filling in the appropriate forms we took her home. At first we fed on her on a well known brand of tinned food with biscuite, which was not up to scratch, so I went on Line and another owner of a grey hound from Ormskirk mentioned how her dog had improved considerably since changing to Joe and Jacks Natural dry food. We decided to try Joe and Jacks. Millie is a different dog her coat has improved no end and her general well being is a before and after advert. I would recommend your product to any dog owner and sleep at night knowing I had done the right thing.
Title: Happy animals= happy owner
From: sonia Date: 02/10/2012
My husband bought vets kitchen dog food because it was on offer at our local Asda. Both dogs enjoyed it instantly,and we noticed that they appear to be more satisfied, after eating! We have now, commenced our cats on the same cat product!
Title: marjoram
From: mary hugginsd Date: 28/09/2012
We have Benson a 10 year old Otterhound, which we rescued when he was just 4 months old from the RSPCA Bath Dogs home. He has always had a terribly sensitive stomach, and despite our trying numerous dog foods over the years, none really seemed to do the trick. However after receiving your sample food from you at the Cotswold show, he loved it, so we have since been ordering it driectly from you. Whereas Benson had got to the point where he wasnt fussy over whether he ate the food or not when you put it down, now the bowl is emptied rapidly, and it has helped with his stomach problem. We have also been buying the active sauces to go on his meals with the healthy digestion one for his stomach, but also the active joints one, as being a lazy old man now, he is starting to struggle. So yes we are all well pleased and thankyou!
Title: active joints
From: debra downes Date: 27/09/2012
Tried Active joints after spotting the product in the supermarket. Had previously tried vet prescribed medication, which seemed to have no impact. I have noticed since my dog began having active joints with his food, his stiffness is improved, so will continue to use, as it seems to be making a difference to him.
Title: Irish Water Spaniel
From: Carol Williams Date: 22/09/2012
Joe, my dogs love your food. My old water spaniel and whippet jump up and down at every meal time. The water spaniel has a poor coat but, over time, your salmon and potato combined with viacutin seems to be bringing her back to normal. Great result. Your service is absolutely faultless. So glad we found you and will always recommend Vet's Kitchen.
Title: Gleaming Coat
From: Anne MacKay Date: 20/09/2012
Lily my 3 yr old staffie (adopted from RSPCA at 3 months) came down with demadex at 5 months and has had 2 flare ups since. Used to feed her RC dry dog food, but her coat stayed very scurvy. Since changing to Vet's Kitchen salmon and potato which she loves her coat has improved significantly and the scurf seems a thing of the past - also keeps staffie sensitive tum in check too - very pleased with quality and value.
Title: Happy Customer!
From: Karen Richardson Date: 09/09/2012
As always product turned up very promptly. Tess loves the chicken and rice - I'll have to take her word for that! - and now trying the salmon and potato. She has quite a delicate little tum so I also use the Vets Kitchen Active Sauce which she wolfs down. Her coat is looking lovely at the moment too. Thanks Joe!
Title: Joe & Jack Dry foods
From: Rachal Reid Date: 07/09/2012
My boy Bailey loves it ! He is a 4 year old White American Shepherd & has always had problems with his tummy - Very ill as a puppy and we nearly lost him a few times so I am very sceptical of any new foods. I usually stick to 1 dog biscuit food but he was very bored and would often leave his meals Since trying Joe & Jack (the mix spring collection) he has been able to have some variety, his bowl is always empty and so far he has been a perfect bill of health Thank you Joe I would recommend trying this - even for very fussy or sensitive dogs, I am very pleased with the service and the I know Bailey has enjoyed meals again.
Title: Vets kitchen super saver senior
From: Angela Nel Date: 06/09/2012
Both my Doberman and my Pug love this food and I can give it to them dry, before I used to make gravy with the previous dog food to get them to eat it. Their coats are nice and shiny and they look much healthier since i started on your dog food. I am also impressed with the quick delivery after I order online.
Title: Fresh dinners
From: Pennie Medland Date: 02/09/2012
My labrador and 2 springer spaniels all enjoy a covering of lamb and rice fresh dinner on top of their kibble. The younger spaniel, a rescue, suffered from upset tummies when we first had her but is now fine and eats her meals with great relish. I have recently recommended the food to another rescue, Labrador Lifeline, Lab who is very faddy with hisfood and he loves it.
Title: Vets Kitchen Natural Dog Food
From: Teresa Hardcastle Date: 31/08/2012
I feed both my border terriers on Vets Kitchen Natural Dog Food and they love it. I have fed them both on the puppy food and now on the adult chicken and brown rice. i also include once a day the Healthy Skin Supplement as the youngest border tends to scratch at times. Although she has only been on this for a few weeks the itching doesn't seem as bad.They are both healthy and happy mischievous borders. I would recommend this food to anyone.
Title: Salmon & Rice
From: Patricia Robertson Date: 21/08/2012
Personally I haven't tried it but my dog Anya absoloutly loves it!
Title: Digestive problems improved
From: fiona white Date: 20/08/2012
My Labrador had a rather dramatic digestive illness 6 months ago which resulted in her being admitted to the vets for treatment. However she has not really recovered since and despite further tests and investigations the vets could not find a cause for her illness. After each bout of illness I first cooked chicken and rice and then moved onto the vets kitchen adult chicken and rice which she was fine on. However due to only being able to buy small bags in the supermarkets I always moved her back onto her old food, and then she was ill again.... I have now bought 15kg online and she has come off her daily digestive medication that she was on. Fingers crossed that she will remain well but she looks happier now than she has for months!......Thanks Vets kitchen......we will be buying again.
Title: Fabulous
From: Judith Tyrer Date: 07/08/2012
As a holistic animal healer, feed quality/content is of utmost importance for our animals. Tried the trial packs and pooch couldn't get the bowl finished quick enough with the Salmon & Potato feed and Skin Sauce - product sold!! Just purchased our second lot of many more to come. Perfect for when time is short for not making own meals. Other brands seemed to irritate his skin whereas Joe's products have reduced this immensely within a week. Cat's are next and recipe books to extend the menus at home. Will definitely be recommending this to friends/clients. Customer service is excellent - fantastic product, excellent value for money with fantastic service - and user friendly website - what more could you ask for......... keep up the brilliant work Joe and team. Many many thanks.
Title: Adult chicken amd brown rice
From: Michael bowen Date: 05/08/2012
This is the best food I habe given my dogs for years they absolutely love ot food value too
Title: Success!!
From: janette rawson Date: 04/08/2012
Im a repeat customer and find the product good value with no waste My dogs digestive system has settled down 100%, saving me a £1000 operation which was suggested BRILLIANT!
Title: Highly recommended on every count
From: Ian Pattenden Date: 06/07/2012
As a returning customer I think that says it all, great product and superfast delivery
Title: Re: Active joint sauce
From: Michele Neave Date: 02/07/2012
A 'thank you' from Winnie, my rescue bulldog! Since starting on your senior food, supplemented with the Active Joint Sauce, Winnie no longer limps! She had a noticeable limp when she first came to us but now has much improved knee and hip function and her meds have been reduced by 75%. Hooray!
Title: Little Hearts treats - a hit
From: Mark Brennan Date: 26/06/2012
I bought a pack each of the meat & fish flavoured 'Little Hearts' treats in Asda. All 3 of my cats love them. One of my cats was adopted last years as a 10-year-old and had so far refused treats, but even he loves them. I am impressed with the ingredients, unlike another brand produced by a major pet food manufacturer which ssem to have similar ingredients to cheap poor-quality dry cat food - ie wheat being the main ingredient.
Title: jan altrincham
From: janet gormley Date: 24/06/2012
AT LAST something our 6 month old yorkshire terrier pup will eat apart from stealing the cats food. We don,t know how has managed to grow with the small amounts of other dry food he ate. We had 7 different lots on the go non of which he liked when we found you on the internet. We bought some the next day from our supermarket and HE LIKES IT. Thankyou it is such a relief.
Title: Vets kitchen puppy food
From: Virginia gamble Date: 23/06/2012
Definately give vets kitchen puppy food 5 out of 5, my puppy is thriving on it !
Title: Wet Food
From: Karen Aston Date: 21/06/2012
Both my dogs thoroughly enjoy your wet food. The mixed selection on the Big Value Deal is especially good value for money. Highly recommended.
Title: Wet & Dry Food
From: JOANNE FIELD Date: 28/05/2012
My Yorkie cross is a big fan of your food Joe, he has wet food for breakfast and dry for dinner and loves both. Ive given him your food since he was a puppy and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Excellent food and excellent service. Thankyou.
Title: Doggie delicious
From: Maria Riccio Date: 24/05/2012
I have a rottie and a lab who both love Chicken and Rice. It's really settled their tummies which shows taht it's full of goodness. I am really pleased with the delivery and its great value for money too. I first came across you at Crufts where I got a wonderful goodie bag to take home for my babies. They were hooked instantly! Many thanks
Title: tasty lunch
From: Angela Riley Date: 22/05/2012
My dog is doing so well on your very tasty meals, she also loves the taste and her coat is looking lovely too.
Title: Healthy Skin Supplement
From: Mrs. A. Lawrence Date: 21/05/2012
Every time I de-flea my German Shepherd bitch Coda with either Frontline or Advocate she seems to have an irritation and wont stop scratching for about a week. Since starting the Healthy Skin Supplement (been on it for roughly a year) she seems not to scratch as much probably couple times a day! I did stop adding the supplement for a couple of weeks to see if there was any change and she definately started scratching more so have added Healthy Skin to her feed ever since. Highly recommended. Thank you Joe
Title: Salmon and brown rice senior food
From: PaulineWebster Date: 18/05/2012
I felt it was about time I changed my ten year old lab to senior food. He'd never had a food with fish in it before. He loves it. He is the correct weight for his size. he bounces about and you would never think he was as now-ten and a half. My other lab is fifteen on May 27th. He is very active and apart from being very grey in parts (he is black) very active for his age. He has been fed on Pets kitchen food for many years. Both a testament to the quality of food. Thank you Jo.
Title: Vets Kitchen Chicken and brown rice
From: Mrs Annie Bowen Wright Date: 11/05/2012
My Jack Russell/Lancashire Heeler is very content with his "new" food. I am pleased with the zip fastening on the bag which keeps the food fresher and is easy to open and close.
Title: Does what it says on the packet
From: Annie Cartmell Date: 11/05/2012
Have been using Vet's kitchen for some months now and Mr B (9 year old basset hound) appears very satisfied with the complete chicken and rice light. He has suffered from itching skin for a number of years and I've tried many products, I'm on the second lot of Vet's kitchen healthy skin and he doesn't seem to be itching as much as he used to. I will continue to use these products as my old friend appears very happy on them.
Title: Healthy skin and coat
From: Jo Ridley Date: 08/05/2012
We have just acquired a year old collie from a rescue centre and was in need of some care. This product has made a dramatic affect to his fur and skin in the 4 weeks we have been using it. His fur is far less brittle and is beginning to get a bit of shine to it now. Still has a few bald patches to improve, but I am sure this will come soon. Great product and seems to suit our dog who appears to have some allergies with his diet.
Title: Joe and Jacks Chicken & Rice
From: Nicci O'Neill Date: 28/04/2012
Have two fussy eaters one prefers the chicken and rice and the other likes the Vets Kitchen. Both good value and fantastic delivery service. I just wish the Joe and Jacks came in the same zip top bag that the Vets Kitchen comes in. I find it keeps it much fresher. Although you can reclose the bag its too tricky and time consuming.
Title: Dog Food
From: Jane Basson Date: 27/04/2012
My two Yorkie crosses are not normally keen on dried food, but when I gave them Vets Kitchen they actually became quite possessive and growled at each other to 'guard' their bowl of food. I then watched amazed as my usuallly quite fussy pair proceeded to gobble it up in record time! They also seem to like the fresh dinners. I ordered quite a lot (quick delivery thanks) so hope they continue to like it, as previously I've stocked up on food they seemed to love and then they go off it the minute I've got a cupboard full. So here's hoping it lasts! Many thanks.
Title: Vets Kitchen Senior Dog Food
From: Georgina Ellis Date: 25/04/2012
I never thought i would see the day my 9yr old lab would be on a dry diet - after turning her nose up at all the others we had tried!. Her coat looks more glossy, she is more alert and we haven't had an upset tummy or gained any weight!. I do add cooked veg in with evening meal, this seems to go down well!. Very quick delivery - definately recommend Thank you.
Title: Dog Food
From: Jean Waite Date: 25/04/2012
I have an old (14 years) boarder collie. I have tried many different types of dog food and even though he ate them he suffered from very loose stools and was very restless. My daughter brought home a small bag of your dog food for me to try. From day one he was a different dog. No more problems, stools normal and he is so content. I will be feeding him this food for as long as I have him.
Title: any ideas?
From: Sue Rogerson Date: 24/04/2012
My Lagotto romagnolo has been brougth up on this food but is not very enthusiastic about eating. I would like him to put on more weight.
Title: joe and jacks food
From: Thelma mcintyre Date: 20/04/2012
Hello, Very please ith joe and Jacks food and very prompt delivery. My hearing dog Monty loves it.
Title: Adult Salmon & Potatoe & Jack & Joe's fresh dinners
From: Patricia Wheeler Date: 16/04/2012
Berkley my seven year old lurcher has been on these foods since I got him last June and he is thriving. These foods are are great for him and a big thanks to Joe for advice regarding his maintenance diet to keep him in top condition Patricia
Title: Senior variety
From: Michael bowen Date: 16/04/2012
Would be most impressed if you introduced the senior dry food in chicken and brown rice as my dog does not Like the salmon
Title: anny
From: penny elliott Date: 14/04/2012
My dog loves the food and I give her your liquid glucosomine as she has artheritus in her back leg after an operation and I swear she limps a lot less. So thank you I will definately stick to vets kitchen products. ANNY
Title: Vet's Kitchen BIG VALUE 15KG DEAL - Senior
From: Susan Dunn Date: 13/04/2012
Fast delivery, great service. Both dogs love it. Marked improvement in the condition of their coats and the abilities of the 13 year old when out on walks. Both dogs already get glucosamine supplements but we can definitely see a difference since starting the Vets Kitchen. They both love it - even the 12 year old who can sometimes be difficult to persuade to eat his breakfast. We don't have any more issues now. Dillon & Patch say a big 'thank you'.
Title: Yummy Lamb and Rice
From: Rosi Haunton-Barron Date: 12/04/2012
Thomas who is a 12 year old cross breed has it as part of his 'menu' and always enjoys it. Pippa my yorkie rescue who sadly died last October aged 17 used to help herself to it from a tin in the kitchen! This made us all laugh as the tin was a lot bigger than she was so had to really stretch up to reach in! I find the service very good and the delivery is quick - best of all I don't have to carry anything. I also like the fact that the ingredients do not contain artificial colours etc. Good stuff all round
Title: Dog Food
From: Georgina Dixon Date: 30/03/2012
My two dogs are thriving very well on the fresh Lamb and Rice for breakfast and the Lamb and Rice complete food for supper. They love their food and don't waste any time eating it all up. Once I have ordered it the delivery is very quick, often the next day. Many thanks.
Title: Joe and Jack's Natural Dog Food
From: Michelle Price Date: 30/03/2012
We have been using the chicken and rice for several years now and our Jack Russell loves it. We look after a lab-retriever quite often and he can't get enough of it. We tried the Vet's Kitchen range when it was launched but they weren't so keen. Would definitely recommend.
Title: Adult Salmon & Potato Recipe and Healthy Digestion Sauce
From: Alexandra Coulter Date: 30/03/2012
These 2 products have done wonders for my Archie. He's 4 now and was a rescue pup from Greece. He had severe meningitis as a pup and has had long bouts of tummy problems so I'm ultra careful about his food etc. We tried him out on the salmon and potato and the probiotic sauce and he loved both and his tummy definately did too. Unfortunately we live abroad and we've run out and you don't deliver to Denmark :-/ but my parents are bringing over a couple of sauces soon to keep us going till we can stock up when we visit the uk next time. Let me know if you start shipping abroad!
Title: Active joints
From: Val Phillips Date: 30/03/2012
Have been giving ten year old water spaniel/retreiver cross Rooney the active joints gravy since 2011, when he had a knee replacement. He will not eat his food without it. He has just been to the seaside and on a boat and we cannot keep up with him,it has improved his mobility greatly. It is much more convenient to buy on line and delivery is excellent.
Title: Joe & Jack's Fresh Chicken Dinners
From: Denise Moore Date: 27/03/2012
Thank you for producing such an excellent food. My Cavalier, Jenny is 9 years old, she has Grade 5/6 Mitral Valve Disease and has been in hospital twice since October last year.. Jenny had always eaten the same excellent quality dry dog food for years without any problems, but then started to go off it and eventually refused to eat. I tried several different brands of dry food with various degrees of success but Jenny would only accept very small portions if she was hand fed, and would then go off her food again. My vet thought that the medication was probably affecting her appetite, and wanted to run further tests. But before they could do that, Jenny was admitted to animal E R a second time, she was dangerously underweight, would not eat and had fluid on her lungs.which was not responding to treatment. It looked as if Jenny would not pull through, but there was a sudden miraculous improvement in her condition, and further tests revealed a serious potassium and sodium deficiency which would have affected her appetite. When a friend suggested I try Jenny on Joe & Jack's Fresh Chicken Dinners I was initially very reluctant as she had never tried moist food before and I was worried it might upset her stomach. However, my fears were unfounded, Jenny loves this food and has started gaining weight, her coat is soft and shiny and she is so much happier, stronger and more alert now, and no more hand feeding. Jenny has 12 tablets a day, I have to take each day as it comes, but am so proud of my amazing little girl.
Title: Chicken & rice
From: kirsty FIRTH Date: 21/03/2012
What a great product. Both my Cockers love it (including the fussy one!) - Their coats have never been in such good condition and random stomach upsets are now a thing of the past. What a brilliant discovery - was recommended Joe & Jacks by a friend and she was sooooo right. If anyone out there is reading these reviews and considering trying this food - just do it ! The delivery service is superb too .............. two very happy dogs and one very happy owner :-)
Title: Best food on the market
From: julie armstrong Date: 14/03/2012
I have 3 very fussy CKCS dogs the Vets kitchen range is the ONLY ONE they will all eat. Ive tried so many different types of food they try it once never touch it again but with Vets kitchen its food in bowls and its gone nothing is ever left. I also use Glucosamine supplement as one of my babies has arthritis it really does help her, other supplement i use is prebiotic as another of my Cav's has Colitis...Its fantastic stuff He very rarely now has bouts of an upset stomach. Trying the Vet's Kitchen Healthy Skin supplement now too as my youngest cav has sensitive itchy skin. Thanks so much for bringing this range to us, I for one am a very happy mummy & my 3 babies LOVE your food. Keep up the great work your products are simply the best.
Title: A really great dog food
From: Christine Cassisa Date: 14/03/2012
I have 2 dogs one of which, Poppy, is a very fussy eater. I have tried just about every kind of dog food going including wet food and pet mince but eventually she went off of all of them and just wouldn't eat was very worrying. Some of the brands I tried made her hypoactive due to the additives in them and this made her very difficult to live with Jack is a rescue dog from Greece and was in very poor condition when we first got him and needed building up badly.Then, as a thank you gift from our pet insurance company, we received 2 bags of Vets' Kitchen complete and we have not looked back since. We have been feeding both of them on it for quite a while now and look set to continue. They love them and they are both in tip top condition. It's also great that there's glucosamine in the food so my worries about arthritis have gone too. We now order it in bulk and are very pleased with the service. Our order arrived very quickly and was well packaged. My dogs are happily and healthily crunching away without the need for me to carry all the bags home from the supermarket. Keep up the good work, you have an excellent product here.
Title: Pleased I have found Vet's Kitchen
From: karen West Date: 13/03/2012
Always a fast and reliable sevice. My dog loves the salmon and potato dog food and his chocolate coat has never looked better despite his skin problems which has certainly improved since starting this food.
Title: Big Value 15 KG Deal- Senior Kai and Stan say thank you
From: Sue Pearcce Date: 03/03/2012
This is my first order of Vet's Kitchen BIG VALUE 15KG DEAL - Senior, both my boys are 13 year old Whippets and they have been given a new lease of life, in fact Kai has reverted to puppyhood!! Roll on the summer shows so Kai can have his days out socilazing with his friends The food is very good value for money and my boys both love the taste. I never thought there was a product out there that both the boys would want to eat and that Stan could manage easily as he had to have most of his teeth removed a few years ago I like that that an email is sent to advise that the order has been dispatched as i know i will have it the next day Kai and Stan would like to say Thank you
Title: Vets Kitchen Salmon and Potato
From: Paula Owen Date: 28/02/2012
My 18 month Boxer become sensitive to his chicken and rice and lamb and rice (from another good brand) We chose the salmon and potato biscuits and he instantly held them down with no problems since I'd like to be able to buy this in the shops rather than order&deliver so i hope this brand continues to grow and the larger 7.5kg+ bags make it into shops I think the cost may put people off; wish they would see that feeding a good quality food with no additives etc is paramount to a pets health!
Title: Supplements
From: Samantha Packham Date: 25/02/2012
It is so nice to have supplements for dogs that are in a sauce form. I own a small Yorkshire Terrier called Isobel. She is 3 years old and a fussy eater. I want her to have all the basic supplements for joints, skin and digestion but find it very hard to get her to ingest a tablet. I just put the sauce on any of her dinners and she eats it without even noticing. Thank you so much.
Title: Glucosamine - Active Joints
From: Carol Griggs Date: 23/02/2012
We have a 13 year old Border Collie who had been suffering considerably with her back legs. She kept falliing over and then was unable to get up without being lifted. She was very stiff and had no life in her at all. We came across this product and decided it was worth a try. The results are unbelievable! She is a totally different dog. She no longer falls over, needs no help getting up and moves quite freely. She is full of life, her eyes are bright and she has found a new lease of life. We recommended the product to a friend whose dog was also struggling and they too have had the same amazing results. Thankyou so much for a fantastic product!
Title: Vets Kitchen Light
From: Kerry Thornby Date: 22/02/2012
All of the Vet's Kitchen products are first rate. I have tried other foods and they don't compare. My Cavalier with a sensitive tummy particularly gets on well with the Vet's Kitchen Light food and the Joe and Jack's Fresh Chicken Dinner. Palatability is great (haven't tried it myself but My Cavalier wouldn't eat the food the rescue gave him but licks the pattern off the plate when you give him Joe's food :-) My tiny Yorkie won't eat much dry food, but loves her Fresh Chicken Dinners which she tucks into twice a day.
Title: Sensitive pup
From: Donna Gallier Date: 21/02/2012
We have a 9 yr old white Alsatian with a very sensitive tummy so we've always had to be careful what we feed him. He never gets bored of his salmon and potato Vet's Kitchen and we have seen a huge improvement in his mobility and activeness since starting him on this. Don't think we'll ever have to change again!
Title: Vets Kitchen super saver light
From: Angela Hoyland Date: 19/02/2012
My two Westies are looking so much fitter since starting on Vet's Kitchen Light. Mac has always been a bit on the heavy side whereas Whisky burns off the calories. Since starting on Joe's food Mac is keeping up with Whisky when they are running after the ball! The other big plus is that they really enjoy the food. Thanks Joe
Title: deb
From: deb Date: 17/02/2012
Your cat food is driving my cats wild what's in it is amazing!
Title: Diarrhea Cure
From: Vanessa Coldwell Date: 16/02/2012
Our cat Teddy developed terrible diarrhea from eating regular cat food pouches (moist), no matter which brand we tried. Then I came across Joe and Jills Chicken Dry Food and within less than a day of having started on it, Teddy's diarrhea was no more! He absolutely loves Joe and Jills!!!!
Title: Great Food, poor delivery this time
From: Wendy Jones Date: 13/02/2012
My 12 year old Springer spanial is doing very well on Senior after changing a year ago. Her coat has started growing again and she no longer needs "incuron" tablets for incontinence ! She seems less anxious too.
Title: 'Puppy Again'
From: Peter Wood Date: 08/02/2012
We were recommended Vet's Kitchen Dog food by Fuchsia Pet Health Spa in Brighouse West Yorkshire . Our bitch 'Tilly' is overweight partially to being neutered, but tended to be lethargic and unhappy despite us trying to buy the best foods. Since trying and now using 'Vets Kitchen' Light - we now have a happy, healthy 'puppy' again. She is full of life and generally looks fitter and healthier. Even her coat looks more glossy, The change is astounding!!! We are now looking forward to the next visit to Fuchsia when Tilly will get weighed.
Title: joe & jacks
From: armorelle barlow Date: 08/02/2012
Yes my dog likes it very well - shall be reordering!
Title: products
From: lindacoper Date: 06/02/2012
Items wehave purchased are very good and will buy again. Thanks for marketing good products! Linda C
Title: Brilliant
From: Victoria Hewitt Date: 04/02/2012
I have a 7 month old sprocker spaniel and what ever I've fed him has given him an upset stomach. He was still lively and keen to go out for walks but picking up his toilet would be impossible. After a few days on this new food he seems to have gone back to normal. I've tried everything and this is definitely a keeper. Fingers crossed this is the end to upset stomachs.
Title: Pets kitchen - adult salmon/chicken
From: karen hoskins Date: 03/02/2012
We have a 16 month old Boxer called Rosie. She eagerly eats both the salmon and chicken varieties. Boxers can have delicate digestive systems so we are pleased that she is receiving a nutritionally balanced diet with natural ingredients to help keep her in good condition. Excellent service from ordering to prompt delivery. You are sent updates and tracking of your order dispatch and an access to the main webite for tips/information of interest. Really great service.
Title: Happy Springer
From: Julie Nicholls Date: 01/02/2012
Our 7 year old Springer has a history of digestive problems and we have only been able to feed him on Prescription foods - until last Summer when we discovered Vet's Kitchen at the Royal Norfolk Show. Having introduced the Senior Salmon & Brown Rice gradually into his diet, we have never looked back. Dylan loves it and poop scooping is a far more pleasant experience!!
From: SUSAN EAGLING Date: 30/01/2012
Title: Thank you
From: jadis harrot Date: 22/01/2012
Thank you for a great service. Thank you very much for the free little sample packs to that was very nice of you. I will definitely be buying from you again. Thank you
Title: Couldn't be happier.
From: Ted Treen Date: 18/01/2012
Having acquired several Persian cats deemed 'not good enough' for showing (we love them all anyway) we found they had very sensitive digestive systems which gave us lots of problems. My wife was tearing her hair out as nothing seemed to help greatly, until I stumbled across Vet's Kitchen whilst researching the problem on the internet. Not only has it sorted out their digestion, but they love it and we don't even have to encourage them to eat. Thanks Joe - we couldn't be happier!
Title: Happy Black Pug
From: K W MANKIN Date: 18/01/2012
I have been feeding my male black pug the chicken and lamb/rice dry mixes for a while now and he loves them both. Excellent delivery - very often by the next day!
Title: Good Food/Good Value
From: Karen Aston Date: 16/01/2012
This is the second time I have purchased your Value Mixed Pack of Dog Food and I can only congratulate you on the products and service provided. I am very satisfied and so are my two dogs. I will definitely be a returning customer and have already recommended you to my friends.
Title: #xrumer
From: wsgfew Date: 13/01/2012
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Title: Vet's Kitchen Cat Chicken & Brown Rice
From: Susan Bird Date: 10/01/2012
I have 5 cats, their ages range from 2 years old to almost 13 years old. Two of them have had digestive problems over the years but since feeding them the Vet's Kitchen Chicken and Brown Rice their problems have disappeared! It is so much easier to feed all my cats the same food and so much cheaper than other brands. They are all very happy with their food and if they are happy then I am too. The ingredients are of excellent quality. The delivery service is excellent. You are the quickest and most efficient company I have bought from. From an extremely happy customer!
Title: Joe & Jack's Natural Dog Food
From: Janice MacPherson Date: 10/01/2012
I commented when I initially received the first order and my cavalier 'Poppy' who was very 'picky' has never looked back - infact she looks forward to every meal. Not only is the food excellent but delivery time too. I purchased the spring saver (mixed) this time and again it has gone down a treat! She adores the active sauce and the cheese star biscuits too. I wouldn't use any other product now as I have one very happy and contented little dog. 10 out of 10
Title: natural dog food
From: armorelle barlow Date: 07/01/2012
Very pleased with it, as is my dog. Will definitely purchase more.
Title: Active sauces Natural Dog Food.
From: becky barrett Date: 03/01/2012
My twelve year old Dobermann has had a digestive problem for the past 3 years, and was taking up to 18 pancrex x tablets when she was really poorly. Also because she had arthritis of the spine and hips was on 15ml of matacam a day. We came across your product and since then she no longer takes any of the above medication, we just feed her the dry food and she gets the digestive sauce on one meal. Your products have given her a new lease of life, it is lovely to see her chasing her six year old sister. Thank you for your amazing products.
Title: Excellent!
From: Marion Hynes Date: 03/01/2012
Fast delivery over Xmas and great communication. Excellent value for money. My cat loves both the Salmon & Brown Rice and Chicken & Brown Rice.
Title: happy
From: diana penhallow Date: 22/12/2011
joe and jack's dog food goes down very well in our household and the purchasing and delivery of the food is excellent - thank you. Happy Healthy dogs HAPPY CHRISTMAS Diana Penhalloow
Title: Still Enjoying!
From: Claire Massie Date: 09/12/2011
My Whippet Henry has been enjoying this food for some time. I must say with other dried foods he has given up on them in a matter of days, however, after feeding Vets Kitchen Chicken & Rice for a good few months now he is still enthusiastic and enjoys this food which is great. He does suffer with colitis from now and then usually after eating something dreadful whilst on our walks, however, his stomach tolerates this food well. It is also makes me feel good knowing that he is enjoying food with good ingredients.
Title: Jacks Foods
From: Anne Beckett Date: 09/12/2011
I have 2 Jack Russels, one has a skin allegery and by eating the dry and wet foods from Vet's Kitchen it saves me money on medication - both of the Boys love the food. Very efficient service and delivery when placing orders - thanks
Title: Just the right food for a greedy Labrador
From: Erhard Schondorfer Date: 27/11/2011
We have switched to the Light version of chicken and brown rice and it seems to work okay. Our chocolate Lab hasn't put any weight on since last weighed and enjoys her home-cooked food we put in her bowl, together with your excellent biscuits. Five stars for customer service and quality.
Title: Bullies love it!
From: Michele Neave Date: 27/11/2011
I have been using your light food for a while now and both my 'girls' (a Staffie and a Bulldog) love it! As a vegetarian who tries to buy 'happy' meat I am delighted with your products.
Title: Fantastic
From: Hazel Parker Date: 22/11/2011
I cannot recommend Joe's dog food enough because it is natural and not full of nasty colourings, flavourings and animal derivertives. Healthy food is very important so I would not buy anything else.
Title: Adult Salmon & Potato
From: clare styles Date: 20/11/2011
We'd had a lot of problems with our pointers stomach despite trying various foods even some prescription food. This sorted him out instantly and he is now perfect—couldn't be happier!
Title: Glen Mum
From: Lynne Fraser Date: 03/11/2011
Joe and Jacks is wonderful for my old Glen of Imaal Terrier Seamus who has cushings and also suffers with an upset tummy if he eats anything else. I am also delighted that my pup Dylan is now at the age where he can have the same food!!! He loves it too. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you all at Discover Dogs in a couple of weeks.
Title: Joe & Jacks natural food Lamb
From: Dawn Daly Date: 30/10/2011
Prompt service, and a great product, who could ask for anything more.
Title: Marie
From: marie biggs Date: 09/10/2011
I find the Joe and Jack's Fresh Chicken and Rice dinner an excellent food. My dog is always eager to eat it, and it seems easily digested. The trays can be stored easily and are very convenient.
Title: Vet's Kitchen Light - Fantastic
From: Karen Williams Date: 06/10/2011
I changed my 2 year old spayed Springador to this a few months back and she is looking fantastic. I felt that in spite of lots of exercise she was getting a little chunky around the waist. Since putting her on the Light Vet's Kitchen I have had so many comments about how trim and fit she looks and how healthy her coat looks. Also great being able to buy in bulk with the Super Saver Deal. Very pleased all round.
Title: Bob thinks its' delicious
From: Kathryn Almond Date: 04/10/2011
I have a Hungarian Puli, who I have fed a mainly natural raw diet since he was a puppy, using dried food only to supplement when necessary. He is usually not keen to try dried food and I have wasted countless bags of food that I have bought and he has tried and then refused to eat! I happened upon your stall at the Cheshire Show in \June and Bob has been hooked ever since. He obviously enjoys both the chicken and Salmon varieties. Many thanks from Bob and Bob's happy owner!!
Title: Vets Kitchen Food for Dogs
From: Lynn Storror Date: 04/10/2011
Hi Joe My dog Titch, loves the dry food. We were first introduced to your product about one month ago and I will not buy anything else for my dog now. Its is full of nourishment and nutrition, I think he really looks forward to his meals, as he clears his bowl. I also bought one of your sauces which has really helped my german shepherd I also have. Her coat looks very healthier and people always comment, which is lovely, thank you. Hopefully your sales will increase as I am telling everyone about your product and how good it is. The delivery has also been excellent.
From: stephanie Thraves Date: 26/09/2011
my little puppy of 1year old loves his chicken & brown rice , it was only by chance i was given a free packet of the vets kitchen , and expecting to throw it away , but my little dog went mad for it , his coat shines and he is much better for it ,HE LOVES IT . thanking you again kind regards STEPHANIE AND MAX.
Title: Lexy very happy
From: Anette Hans Date: 22/09/2011
Hello Joe, I try to feed my dog (Lexy is a female border collie-Malinois cross, eight years old) organic dog food or at least free range chicken, but she doesn't always like the consistency (it is often to sticky and often too runny). Your Joe & Jack's Fresh Dinners she simply loves and when it is almost four in the afternoon she comes to me and makes eating noises telling me she is now ready for another dog's dinner. Kind regards Anette
Title: my puppy
From: stephanie Thraves Date: 15/09/2011
my puppy is a year old now , and he would not eat anything but royal cannin dry dog biscuits, i went to bakewell show , and was given a free sample of the vets kitchen dry dog biscuits, when i got home i was going to throw it in the bin , because i knew max would not entertain it , so i thought i will just try him , and i could not believe my eyes , he went mad for the vets kitchen chicken& brown rice, i had tried everything eles ,on the market , and was just throwing money away . so a huge thank you to vets kitchen , kind regards stephanie .
Title: Joe & Jacks natural food Lamb
From: Dawn Daly Date: 12/09/2011
I totally agree with other peoples reviews, this food seems to agree with my dog, although I do have to mix a little chicken with it, as he won't eat any dried food on its own. I would rate it out of 5 stars I would give it all 5. I to used to watch vets in practice. Dawn
Title: Vets Kitchen Adult Kitchen
From: helen thorpe Date: 01/09/2011
After using a more expensive well known make for over a year I felt a change was needed. My dog seems to enjoy this better and eats it all at once with relish, whereas the other food she'd eat it as and when. From a human point of view it certainly looks and smells nicer than the previous food. I am very pleased with this product, service was good and would recommend to anyone.
Title: Candy
From: Candy Hendy Date: 01/09/2011
Hi , I have been buying your tinned dog food from Ocado. Also your dried food. My dog loves both so i feed alternate food`s. My question to you is why do you not show your tinned food on your sites. Kind regards Candy
Title: senior dog food
From: Linda Burrows Date: 31/08/2011
I was having trouble with my older dogs always having upset stomach so I tried your senior food feed - exactly what you recomended on your bags. They are a lot better and I do not use as much food - no more upset stomach. Thanks Linda
Title: Salmon and Potatoe
From: Patricia Wheeler Date: 30/08/2011
Berkley adores it what more can I say
Title: Joe & Jills complete cat food
From: Dawn Mangan Date: 24/08/2011
Saw the Joe & Jill's complete cat food on offer in asda for 99p, couldnt resist a bargain, even better when i got home for my 4 cats to greet me, not knowing what a treat they had in store! On opening the fresh chicken and rice into the biscuit bowls, the cats were straight in, even better bonus as my big ginger cat garfy is very fussy when it comes to new cat biscuits, he soon got stuck in......will be looking out for this cat food in the supermarket. I recommend for all cat owners to give this food a try, even try it with the fussy eaters....
Title: My dog flo
From: Elizabeth Homan-smith Date: 18/08/2011
My dog Flo is 6 years old - greyhound. She loves the Vets Kitchen dog food. I tried wet food in with the dry and she wants more. I will definitely order more. Thank you Joe and the team!
Title: Joe & Jacks Natural Dog Food
From: Janice MacPherson Date: 16/08/2011
I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Poppy who is two and a half. A fussy little dog who sometimes has little enthusiasim for her food (Hills). Since I have switched to Joe & Jacks whether it be dry or wet she doesn't stop for a breath until she has finished and wanting more - I think that says it all for me!
Title: tried rice and chicken
From: janette rawson Date: 14/08/2011
I just wanted to let you know that I started using the Rice and Chicken feed for my dog who is normally a very picky eater and he's finishing every mouthful which is wonderful - As for the last 7 years I've struggled to get him to eat. He also has digestive problems (colitus) and was due to have a £1200 exploritary surgery soon however this is now on hold as his symtoms have subsided due to the easy digestibility of the product I believe. Anyway sucess all round! Thank You
Title: What's happened to Liver Hearts?
From: Sally Crammond Date: 12/08/2011
Dear Joe and everyone at pets' kitchen, My Westie, Rosie, loves Cheese Stars, but absolutely adores Liver Hearts and you haven't had these lately - what's happened? She has had a dicky tummy since she was a puppy but the wet food, particularly the chicken & rice, suits her very well. But she does like a few biscuits now & then, either as a small snack or as a treat, but the 2.5 kg bag lasts her for ages. Could you not do these in smaller packs? I am so glad that I saw Joe on television some time ago promoting his food - it's saved a lot of hassle and nasty messes! Hoping that the Liver Hearts come back soon, Sally
Title: Joe and Jack's Natural Dog Food
From: Avril Perry Date: 09/08/2011
This is the second order I have put in for the wet dog food which all my four dogs love. They have it with small bite mixer and sometimes they get fresh chicken as well. My Westie, Bozey, who is 8 years old also has the Active Joint Sauce which I am sure helps her with her problems associated with ageing. My two Yorkies, Oscar and Tootsie who are brother and sister, and Pickle who is a Lhasa Apso/Maltese and are all under three years old also love the dry food for neutered dogs which they have for breakfast and look forward to it very much. All seem to be very happy little dogs and really enjoy meal times.
Title: Ellie with Cushings
From: Ruth Fenton Date: 08/08/2011
My dog Ellie, a standard schnauzer has Cushings and I needed to find her a dog food to keep her health and weight balanced, she has recently been spayed to help reduce her hormonal changes, I choose Vet's Kitchen Light to control any weight fluctuations. She is eager for her twice a day meals and so far is in extremely good health considering the problems she has had. Ordering easy and delivery quick, dog and owner happy.
Title: Product review
From: Mrs Whelan Date: 08/08/2011
I am very pleased with the products I have ordered from Vet's Kitchen and Darcey our ten year old black lab seems to be thriving on them and less stiff. The only comment I would have is that I would like to see the Active Joints Glucosamine supplement in a larger bottle. We seem to get through the two bottles long before we have finished the kibble. Many thanks Mrs Whelan
Title: Senior Light
From: Pauline Kelly Date: 04/08/2011
Great food, great value and great service! My dog loves the food. Only just started him on it a week ago as well as the supplement which I hope is going to help as he is almost 12 and the joints are not so good. He also loves the cheesy star snacks!!
Title: Digestive supplement
From: Jo Date: 28/07/2011
I was given a free sample of the digestive supplement at a recent county fair and passed it onto my Dad for his "new" collie who recently joined him from a rescue centre. Dad reports that although the dog is still a "poo machine" that it has definitely made a big improvement and it is now much easier to clean up after him when out for a walk. We'll definitely be buying some more. I also like how the online shop accepts paypal.
Title: Joe's Food
From: Shez Barnes Date: 26/07/2011
I feed my Rottie, Kai, the BARF way and as such I needed a food that I could trust to be completely natural with no additives or preservatives and Joe's food certainly stepped up to the mark. I have also had a couple of Joe's wet meat packs and Kai certainly loves the cheese star treats. I have also got the doggie recipe book and have tried a few of the meals. Kai certainly loves them. I can judge his approval by the speed of his stumpy tail when faced with Joe's food. Well done Joe and Jack!
Title: Lovely Grub.
From: Candy Hendy Date: 23/07/2011
I need to tell you that since i changed my dog`s food to your range my little girl cannot wait for her dinner & now licks her dish so clean that there is not even a tiny morsel left in her bowl. This is wonderful as i had a job to get her to eat prior to your range. Thank you so much you are obviously doing something very right & also giving our pets all the vitamins & oils needed to keep our little darlings in tip top condition.She was eating another well known brand but just picking at her food but no more. I will certainly be recommending you to friends. So well done you.
Title: Salmon and Potato
From: Vici Robbins Date: 22/07/2011
About 4 months ago I started feeding my Daft Dally Vets Kitchen Dog Food in the Salmon and Potato flavour! He goes mad for it! His skin and coat are now even nicer than i thought possible and his knees occasionally clicked when he sat down - this is now much improved! My boy is also prone to have a sensitive tummy - and this food is so natural that it hasnt upset him at all! The other thing that i love about this food for my beloved Dally is that he dosnt need so much of it to keep him satisfied for longer! He drools like crazy at meal times and cant wait to get his head in the bowl - he loves it! I would deffinatly recommed any canine owner to feed this to there dogs. I wont be feeding my dog anything else! (P.S - Delivery is also very quick)
Title: Puppy Food
From: Ruth Stevenson Date: 21/07/2011
Bought this for my Sons little mongrel who wasn't putting on weight or enjoying her food. Empty bowls now !!!
Title: Wolfing it down
From: joy flowers Date: 18/07/2011
My girls are very excited by the fishy tang of their older dogs' diet. Loving it apparently !
Title: Senior
From: Michele Date: 17/07/2011
Brought a sample bag from the show as my 2 spaniels where not happy with there food, one had quite a sensitive stomach, They both liked it, so we brought two bags on line and what a great service, here the next day. Thanks and will order again soon
Title: dry lamb dog food
From: tina storr Date: 16/07/2011
A great dry biscuit for a not too keen eater. doesnt soak up moisture and resemble a sponge Im glad to say. Easy to order, delivery excellent, price good, stores well, and most of all Sally enjoys it, along with the other Joe & Jack orders, Thanks for keeping Sally in tip top condition 13 and still active,healthy & lovley
Title: glucosomine supplemtent gravy
From: Tina Storr Date: 16/07/2011
Sally our sprollie now 13 requires a bit of temptation on her daily meal of dry food, the gravy supplement adds this extra taste, also giving her a boost of glucosomine needed in her older years, she has suffered stiffness in the legs previous years, but, after this Gravy has become a part of her diet- no stiffness even at her good age, still walking in the Dales/Moors & Lake Distrct, long may she continue, well done to Joe & Jacks menu.
Title: liver hearts
From: Tina Storr Date: 16/07/2011
Our 13 year old sprollie is no big eater, she never has been, if anyone offers her a doggy biscuit, Im afraid she turns her nose up at them !! a fresh sausage or piece of steak pie- then thats a bit diifferent !! so doggy biscuits for her are hard to come by, until we tried liver hearts & cheese stars, they dont smell of much, look nice, i think they taste very plain for my palet, but our pooch absolutley loves them ! how amazing is that. Not that she has a lots of treat, but when we allow, these gems are really worth every penny.
From: Carol Marsh Date: 16/07/2011
Saw your stall at Kent show. I have a fussy cocker who is very indifferent about her food. Tried the sample you gave me this morning and mixed in with her normal food. Pigged it all and got mugged for more. So have ordered some more. Also the vet check was nice idea. Nice to get a glowing bill of health and very friendly and approachable people. Even got our piccie taken. Thanks for the advice. Carol
Title: review of joe jacks lamb dinners and sauces etc
From: JILL EDGELL Date: 14/07/2011
Hi, just wanted to say our dogs love this food , particularly the trays of chicken and lamb. we also feed the pet kitchen dry food and it is good that a lot of the supplements we used to have to buy separately are included. one of our dogs has lupus, and since she has been on pets kitchen and joe jacks trays , + the skin supplement sauce, there has been an improvement. shes just had a vet check and he was very pleased with her progress. usually very quick service, did have a problem last time , the parcel went missing with the couriers , but it was resolved fairly quickly. Appreciate the special offers as money is tight I am currently unemployed. Thanks again.
Title: Excellent service
From: Karen Richardson Date: 09/07/2011
Hi Joe and the team, Realised we were running out of supplies just before our holiday and quickly placed an order for Vets Kitchen chicken and rice big pack (very good value!). Couldn't believe it when it arrived the following day!!!! Excelllent service. Tess adores her food, and it keeps her slightly delicate tummy stable. Bigs thanks!
Title: Great Product & service
From: Freddie Date: 06/07/2011
Hi, my mum buys me these biscuits as I am a very fussy eater and she has wasted lots of money trying out food that I might like. She now refuses to buy anything else as not only do I eat them all up everyday (she's started calling me 'fatboy' for some reason) but she says they're full of natural ingredients and have none of the 'nasty' stuff put into most other pet foods; the only thing is she says it would be great if she could buy it from the supermarket but other than that it's great. I'm happy so she's happy, Thanks Joe!!
Title: Happy Dog Owner
From: Jean Green Date: 01/07/2011
I am so pleased i found your dog food in Waitrose. My year old mini Labradoodle is adorable, but such a fussy eater and i dont agree with the saying "a hungry dog will eat". she wouldnt. I was doing my weekly shop and wondering what could i try her on this time ! I saw Vet's Kitchen and I thought i would give it a try - well from her first meal she has cleared her bowl every time. This week she is havlng the Salmon, and whilst i was holding my breath to see if i had wasted yet more money - she had munched her way through and left a clean bowl. A very happy dog owner.
Title: All round great service
From: Yvette Fryer Date: 01/07/2011
Hi Jo, this is now the second order I have had from you. My golden retriever of 18 months was spayed a couple of months ago and I do not want her to put on weight, so when I read about your Vets Kitchen Light I gave it a go. She loves it!!!! and I don't worry if I give her a little more than suggested at times because her weight and health are perfect. She has developed a dandruff like condition especially at the base of her tail, I had given her Yumega oil - then I found out about your skin supplement oil. so now she has that with her evening meal and loves the flavour. Although the dandruff has not gone away she certainly does not scratch as much as she used to, so we can live with that! On the service side I have been very impressed, the food etc has been delivered very quickly which means I don't have to worry if I leave my ordering to the last minute. Please carry on with your great products and service, it is wonderful to find such a good company that really seems to put the customer first. Kind regards Yvette.
Title: yummyyum
From: margaret ramage Date: 30/06/2011
recieved my first order of trays off fresh chicken and rice, lamb and rice, a tray does him two days as he is a little dog, and he absulutely loves them, i ask him if he enjoyed his dinner, he replies by licking his chops, quite funny. not used to the dry food yet, only take some by hand but quite sure he will take come round, but the trays he adores them.
Title: Active Sauces
From: Denis Latham Date: 27/06/2011
I started feeding this joint supplement to my six year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier a few weeks ago, as she seemed to be quite stiff, especially in her shoulders, sometimes after exercise but sometimes too after lying on one position for too long. After one week there was a notable difference whilst she was out walking, but now after approx three weeks, she has got a new lease of life, she is more energetic as a result of having more freedom of movement and seems so much happier. I would have no hesitation in reccommending this product to other dog owners, its worked wonders in weeks!
Title: Joe & Jill's cat biscuit
From: Debbie Thomas Date: 27/06/2011
Hi Joe and everyone on the team. I have two young cats - it was their 1st birthday on Sunday - and introduced them to Joe & Jill's almost as soon as I got them. My previous cat, now sadly no longer with me, was given it when I first saw it on sale and refused to touch any other biscuit after that, so I was keen to get my new kittens off their well-known-brand kitten biscuit and on to this as quickly as possible. They loved it from day one. Beany, my little girl, prefers the salmon while her brother, Smudge, prefers the chicken, although they do switch sometimes. I wouldn't give them any other biscuit. Delivery is very quick - which was great because I ran out of the chicken and couldn't face the disappointment on poor Smudge's face for too long - and when I had to call because of a problem with the online payment the lady on the other end of the phone was so friendly or helpful. Thank you all for a great product and superb service.
Title: gill wareing
From: gillian wareing Date: 18/06/2011
This is the only food that suits my 6 year old boxers digestive system. Plus she really makes short work of her dinner, she loves it. The service is fantastic too, delivery is always prompt and efficent.
Title: Kim Shepherd
From: Kim Shepherd Date: 17/06/2011
My collies aren't fussy eaters but there have been some foods that I felt they weren't enjoying. With Adult Salmon the dishes are knocked all around the floor, getting every last crumb out! It's great to see them enjoy their meals. Condition wise, they've never been better. Externally and internally. The service from Pets Kitchen is first class too. Easy online ordering and fast delivery. Well done to all.
Title: Lamb & Rice Dog Food
From: Georgina Dixon Date: 16/06/2011
Excellent, both dogs love it. Easy to service and gone in a trice..
Title: Lamb & Rice Dog Food
From: Sharon Millar Date: 05/06/2011
I have tried every food under the sun for my 6 year old Cocker spaniel and this is the only one I have found that she will eat that is also healthy and nutritious. The service is excellent and the delivery super fast - we will never go back to anything else!!!
Title: Louis is a lot happier
From: Monica Hubbard Date: 04/06/2011
My Shih Tzu Louis is 3 years old and for the last 18 months has had what we call a jelly belly. Very nasty poos with blood, the vet said it was colitis, but since a friend recommended Joe and Jacks wet food, he is so much better. I give the dried food mixed in with the wet food and he loves it. I used to have to cook him turkey and fish and mix it with rice to get him to eat, it was worse than having fussy children, but now he eats all his meals either two medium meals or three small ones every day. My daughter has a Shih Tzu called Chester who is a little bit overweight so I recommended the same food and he now doing very well and slowly losing a bit of his weight, I think he is just a larger variety of Shih Tzu but he loves the food and licks his bowl clean. So thank you for providing such lovely dog food and for the very efficient service your offer, it couldn't be easier to place an order and it is always delivered within 2 days. Thank you again. From Monica Hubbard
Title: supplements
From: claire chantry Date: 31/05/2011
Dear Joe and team I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your gravy supplements are, a good friend of mine has a retired guide dog who unfortunately has cancer, because of his age they have decided to let him live out his life without interfering but he was having trouble getting up after a nap so I recommended your gravy supplement with glucosamine and they have been amazed with the results. He now has no trouble getting up after his sleep and they are continuing to use it every day so that he can enjoy his life as much as possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for bringing these amazing products to the market and giving these amimals a new lease of life. I thoroughly recommend your products to anyone who listens and I hope you continue to do such wonderful work
Title: freda
From: freda gobby Date: 27/05/2011
excellent service and the dogs certainly enjoy the chicken and rice and the sample of salmon and rice, they maintain their weight well. I only wish I had known of your food when my last Westie had such bad skin problems as I was always at the vets with her, everyone comments on how well and healthy my dogs look especially their very good coats.
Title: Wonderful stuff!!!!!
From: Fran Lewis Date: 21/05/2011
We use both the active joints and digestive supplements and after only 6 weeks have seen a difference, especially the digestive supplement. Zach the first night had a very windy sleep but the next morning his barrel tummy had disappeared, after trying various exercise and diet it appears it was simply trapped wind bloating him!!! We use both of these regularly now thank !!!!!!!!! xxx
Title: Vets Kitchen cat food
From: Linda Harte Date: 20/05/2011
I have a young cat who has a sensitive tummy. I tried all the usual foods even I/D foods didn't work . There must be something in them that doesn't agree with him. I found this website and ordered vets kitchen both flavours and it works no more tummy problems . I tried him on Joe & jills but that doesn't agree with him. I'm so pleased we have found a food that works for him . My old cat likes it too . It's a shame there isn't a senior or light food for the oldies that have a little weight problem. Overall I'm very pleased and prompt delivery too .Well done
From: Marion Beenham Date: 08/05/2011
We have recently moved from Surrey to Devon and our cats, Chewy, Harry and Benny (two Birman/Burmese crosses and one Birman) have been really happy with your natural cat food, we rented for a year and then found our present home so they have had a traumatic 18 months but seemed to sail through it thanks to their constant diet. I would also like to say how efficient the delivery is, every time I have ordered it arrives the next day, very impressive.
Title: Chicken and Rice Dry Food
From: Elaine Gaussen Date: 30/04/2011
Our dogs adore it! We give it together with Natures Menu and together it keeps them fit and well. Fabulous service, thank you
Title: Amazing Everything!
From: Kathryn Janet Tatlock Date: 28/04/2011
We have 3 cats and they all just love both varieties of Joe JIll's dried food, so it's a bonus that there's a saving to be made on any special offers. Because the pouches are re-sealable, the product stays fresh from day one, so there is absolutely no waste, whatsoever. It's so easy to order on line as the website is very user friendly and once the order is placed, delivery is just brilliant, 48hrs at the outside, fantastic! Thank you Joe. Super!
Title: patricia mckone
From: patricia mckone Date: 24/04/2011
I have 2 springer spaniels and they love it - I only feed organic dog foods - it is a very good product. I am at present giving 1 of the dogs the vets kitchen sauce for skin and coat because she has a skin conditon - itching hopefully that will help - any further suggestions would be aprreciated
Title: vets kitchen natural dog food
From: Emma Folland Date: 14/04/2011
Faultless service: incredibly speedy and efficient. I am delighted so thank you and all three dogs love your food, which is the first time ever I have pleased everyone!
Title: Service
From: Goldman Date: 02/04/2011
Thank you for the prompt delivery of our order-great service, easy to use informative website & good honest puppy food, our 7month old lab cross loves it!
Title: Definitley 5 star food
From: Monica Hubbard Date: 01/04/2011
I have a Shi Tzu called Louis who is nearly 3 and absolutely gorgeous. He used to eat most things when he was a puppy but as he has got older he has become so fussy, and needed coaxing to eat his meals. Anything I gave him used to upset his stomach and the vet said he had colitis and would need a prescription diet. A friend of mine recommended Joe and Jacks Chicken and Rice wet food, and gave me a carton to give to Louis. He absolutley loved it, and I have now been giving it to him for 3 weeks, along with the dried food with the same ingredients. I don't have to coax him to feed now and he cleans the bowl. His colitis seems to have got better too and we don't have sloppy poos any more, thank goodness. I am so grateful to my friend for recommending this food to me and I have since told another friend about it as she has a similarly fussy Shi Tzu.
From: Dawn Daly Date: 31/03/2011
Hi Joe,just want to say that my dog Sam thinks your food is the best, we have tried lots of other ones including Burns but he likes yours the best. People have commented on his glossy coat, and it is all down to your food, he is'nt keen on dry food, so I do have yo put some fresh chicken with it, but I also have started using your chicken sauce for active joints, he seems to like this. He has half a carton of wet food for breakfast, it smells so good, I would never buy tinned dog food again. Yours is definately the best, thanks Joe for peoducing such a top quality food. all the best Dawn & Samx
Title: Delicious Food
From: Stephanie Date: 27/03/2011
Having tried my Springer on various dried dog foods, and her turning her nose up, I am very releived to have found your products. She enjoys the lamb and chicken dinners and the chicken & rice complete dog food. Many thanks.
Title: Wet & Dry Dog Food
From: Annie McEnnerney-Whittle Date: 25/03/2011
Always empty bowls
Title: Lynne Fraser
From: Lynne Fraser Date: 15/03/2011
My Glen of Imaal Terrier Seamus has suffered with a wobbly tummy for some time and I saw Joe at Crufts one year, took some samples and ordered some food, we have been very pleased with the result. Seamus has been diagnosed with Cushings in the last year and I spoke to Joe about whether we should change his food as the medication he is on upsets his tummy sometimes. We have now got everything under control and he is still eating Joe and Jacks Chicken and Rice very happily. Seamus now has a younger Glen in the family who is eating the puppy food currently and we will be weaning him on to the food for older boys when he is a year old. We are very happy with Joe & Jacks and recommend it to anyone who will listen, I have even given some of my food away to people to try on their dogs. We also have a cat called Roxie who loves Joe & Jills, both flavours. I think we can safely say that we are a Pet's Kitchen family !!!
Title: Delicious
From: Diane Goodacre Date: 14/03/2011
We started our dog Lily (Border Collie) on Chicken and Rice after she had a particularly bad upset stomach.. My husband found your site and ordered your product she loved the food and hasn't looked back since this must be three years ago now. I am now going to introduce her to Lamb and Rice. Excellent service always delivered on time, great product.
From: emma whiteoak Date: 11/03/2011
I have a 18month old Bernese Mountain Dog who apparently was born with kidneys not working properly, I was at my wits end trying to find proper food that is good for him instead of all the other inferior dog foods on the market. I didnt want to put him on a renal diet as the ingredients were not what I wanted my dog to have, then I found your website and I have got nothing put praise for your excellent delivery service and the quality of the food. I purchased the salmon and potato 15kg big value deal as he is a big dog and eats a lot, he loved the food he can clear his bowl in about 30seconds its incredible he absolutely loves it. I did have concerns putting him on this food but Joe said give it a go and see what happens. Great to be able to get advice would recommend this product to anyone.Great service and delivery.
Title: Quality Products
From: Derek P Yates Date: 11/03/2011
Thank you for your excellent prompt service, I purchase the same product every month online and the goods are delivered within 48 hours. Thank you once more for a great product. Regards Derek and Kate
Title: Hooray!!!!
From: Janice Northfield Date: 10/03/2011
What a relief. We have finally found a food that all our cats can eat. We have two Birmans and two Abyssinians. The Abyssinians are 10 mths old and they have had problems with runny poos most of the time we have had them. I had seen Joe and Jills in Tescos a while ago and thought i would try that. To my dismay I discovered that they no longer sold it. I looked on the Internet and realised that I could order on-line.The delivery is so quick. It comes two days later. Thank you, thank you, thank you Joe.
Title: trial hamper for cats
From: charlotte Date: 09/03/2011
Very easy to use website and good prompt delivery. I ordered the cat hamper to test out on my cat as I have been trying to find an alternative to the supermarket tins which I believe offer very little nutritionally. He loved the dry biscuits. I will definately order again.
Title: senior salmon and brown rice dry dog food
From: emilee storey Date: 04/03/2011
I have just got this dry dog food for my dog......happy I found this, they are little food bites and she loves it so much and also glad we are going to buy them in our local shops like Sainsbury's and Waitrose as well. I LOVE MY PURCHASE: ( SENIOR SALMON AND BROWN RICE DRY DOG FOOD) THANK YOU KIND REGARDS EMILEE
Title: Excellent!
From: Priscilla Bayliss Date: 28/02/2011
We first met Joe at a trade show several years ago and we immediately started feeding our dogs on his food. Funnily enough we had been talking to one of Joe's competitors (whose food we were using) and we came away totally disillusioned when we came across Joe's stand so decided to have a chat with Joe and his team. He was so helpful as were all the team and we immediately had faith in both him and his product. We feed the wet mixed with the dry and we never have upset tummies and they look so good on it, and it's reassuring to know there are no nasty unexpected ingredients! The product and customer service is first class and we would highly recommend it.
Title: great food
From: robert Date: 28/02/2011
we were looking for a new food for our tibetan lhasa got the advert from more than insurence so decided to try it came in three days well packed and looked really good changed him over in five days and loved it from the first day looks and smells like a home cooked meal for your dog, early days yet but seems to love the food.many thanks
Title: Joe & Jacks Natural Dog Food
From: Brenda Lancaster Date: 26/02/2011
This is an excellent product, which I would recommend to anybody for their pets. My dog appears to thoroughly enjoy it. Brenda.
Title: dog food
From: michelle steel Date: 22/02/2011
We have a 9year old goldie who has tummy problems and was on gastro intestinal vet food which is very expensive so i tried your taste pack no problem with the tummy any more and he loves it, it was simple to get and will be telling all my friends thank you
Title: Excellent Products
From: Susan Date: 21/02/2011
All of our 5 cats and our Jack Russell loves your food. They like Joe and Jill's Natural Cat food and our Jack Russell loves his Vet's Kitchen Natural senior dog food. Our elderly cat is on your Vet's Kitchen Natural Cat food which is lovely and gentle on his tummy. Excellent products, excellent service and excellent fast delivery. Top marks.
Title: top quality
From: Lesley Skorupka Date: 17/02/2011
We adopted a lurcher with a dicky tummy and eventually our vet told us to try Joe and Jacks Natural Dog Food. We bought it and that was the end of the tummy troubles. We feed our whippet on it too. It is nothing fancy to look at, not lots of colours or shapes but our hounds love it. Ordering is simple and delivery is really fast and efficient, we don't have to struggle to carry it home. If anyone has a question concerning his products Joe is always willing to talk to you in person, a hands-on vet. Can't fault it.
Title: Speedy Delivery
From: George Date: 16/02/2011
Many thanks for your amazing speedy delivery of Joe and Jill's Natural Cat Food. Ordered late night on Monday arrived first thing Wednesday. Our elderly cat loves it and it suits his tummy.
Title: Everything!
From: Jane Gourlay Date: 16/02/2011
Tried Joe and Jack's Natural Dog Food, the natural snacks, Vet's Kitchen Natural Dried Food, the moist food and the glucomomine sauce...all absolutely wonderful and eagerly eaten by our English Springer. Gives him lots of variety. Also used recipes from the 'Greatest Doggie Dinners in the World' cook book...thank you Joe!
From: Dawn Daly Date: 11/02/2011
Hi Joe, yes my dog loves your food, and people have remarked on how well his coat shines I'm sure it's all down to your food.
Title: Vets Kitchen Light.
From: Helen Haddon Date: 07/02/2011
Just an update from my previous email in November when Gwen had already lost half a kilo. Had her weighed at the vets for her wormers and she has now lost 2 kilos in total & still not feeling hungry !
Title: Fantastic Products
From: Gill Wareing Date: 03/02/2011
My boxer dog Sasha has a very delicate stomach and cannot tolerate most dog foods or a change in diet. She really loves Joe and Jack's Natural Dog food - chicken and rice variety and also the cheesy stars. After trying many different brands i found yours and having been buying it now for a couple of years (originally found it in Sainsbury's) It is the only food that Sasha can tolerate and looks forward to dinner time and never looks up until it has all gone!!! Thanks for keeping her healthy and in great condition. Also the delivery service is fantastic, no matter what time of day i order it has never taken more than three days to arrive, even when the weather was really bad the order arrived on time. So well done everyone - special thanks from Sasha
Title: Joe & Jack's Natural Dog Food
From: Claire Massie Date: 20/01/2011
My Whippet Henry who has a very sensitive tummy is enjoying the Joe & Jack's food so far with no problems. We have tried him on other brands of dried food in the past, however, he has lost interest in the first few days, however, with Joe & Jack's he is still enjoying every meal. It is so good to know he is eating healthy ingredients. I am glad to have found the Pet's Kitchen website.
Title: Border collie pup
From: E Dafydd Date: 20/01/2011
I just wanted to let you know how much my 8 month old border collie is enjoying your food. Although he is very interested in human food he has never gone to his own bowl with much enthusiasm and even when he would start to eat he would never finish everything in one go - until now! We decided to try your products because he is a very wired and anxious puppy and we wanted to remove any unnecessary additives from his diet. He has never looked healthier and while it's still early days, he does seem to have calmed down slightly. I also bought him a packet of your treats and he loves them - in the past we have had to cook sausages and liver to retain his interest but he will do absolutely anything for your cheese stars! We won't be going back to our old brands!
Title: Food Glorious Food
From: Chrissie Foley Date: 19/01/2011
Hi Just wanted to let you know my Sam a Cavilier King Charles (Ruby)has lost weight on your food which i very pleased about ,he was on on a well known food and never showed any weight loss. Also tried the sauce and he really loves it too.I bought your recipe book and made the biscuits got to say they were yummy,i had to try them my self .THANK-YOU SO MUCH.
Title: Joe and Jacks Natural Dog food
From: sheila clarke Date: 17/01/2011
After two serious operations my bichon stopped eating. I thought I was going to lose him. In desperation I sent for Joe an Jacks chicken dinners and he actually licked his lips when I was opening it. From that day he hasnt stopped eating and I think would eat the whole tray at one go if I let him. He is now doing brilliantly. He also loves the light biscuit which is excellent. Crunchy for his teeth and great to carry a few in pocket for a treat without the worry of him putting on weight. It is also great not having to cook all his food.
Title: Excellent dry food
From: Anna Banyard Date: 16/01/2011
Toby our 3 year old Labrador x Retriever has been on Joe and Jacks dry dog food since we adopted him as a withdrawn dog from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. He seems to thrive on the food so we've kept it up ever since. He's an active boy who loves nothing better than to run for hours so he needs something to keep his energy levels up whilst keeping his weight under control. I'd recommend this food to anyone, it's great value- particularly the special deals (winter warmer etc) and the delivery service is always great too.
Title: Senior and wet
From: Barbara Hignett Date: 16/01/2011
I have found the wet and dry food excellent for my dalmation she is now 9+ so i have just put her on vets kitchen senior mixed with chicken and rice wet food i dont have any trouble getting her to eat as if i stood still long enough i am sure she would eat me [she's a very greedy eater] i have been using joe and jack food for quite a while and i am delighted with it also the senior will help her now and keep her weight down
Title: Hamper
From: Jean Spiers Date: 12/01/2011
A family member won a free hamper just before christmas & not having any dogs donated the hamper to us. Well the cheese stars are going down a treat & we now use the glucosamine on their evening meals. Thank you for a lovely prize.
Title: Fantastic food, fantastic service
From: Claire Date: 07/01/2011
Just to thank you for providing fantastic natural pet foot at a good price. My staffy cross has had itchy paws and bottom for years, and our vet could never sort it out. Now she's on your food, she's so much better, I'm convinced she's wheat intolerant. And even better than that, I've discovered I can buy direct from you, and was so pleased to receive my food the day after I ordered it. Thank you Pets' Kitchen!
Title: my bulldog
From: janet painter Date: 05/01/2011
Lacey my bulldog has suffered with skin problems for quite awhile , nothing seemed to be able to help in anyway, the vet suggested giving her the cheapest food i could find as her problem was food related but, this only made her problems worse.i have paid as much as £36 for a 7kilo bag plus delivery charges of what is alleged to be an award winning food only for her condition to worsen. i then tried joe and jacks natural chicken food, WOW what a dramatic change in her. i dont have to spend lots of money on veterinary recomended shampoos and she isn't scratching herself raw anymore. thank you joe for giving my dog back her life yours sincerely jan painter
Title: Salmon & Potato
From: Claire Lomas Date: 04/01/2011
I started buying this food after i received an e-mail introducing me to your website, my dog Chester is a really itchy terrier to the point where he doesn't have a lot of fur left on his belly, ears or chin, i have had numourous visits to the vets and they have tried different injections & shampoos all not making any difference. Since using the Salmon & Potato food with the special sauce i would say he is at least 50% better so i'm hoping that if we continue on it, it should stop. You can already see the improvement on his ears where his fur is starting to come back and the dryness has gone out of his skin, so fingers crossed and thank you.
Title: Natural dog food
From: G M Dixon Date: 01/01/2011
I have a Jack Russell and a lurcher - both of them love the dried and fresh lamb and rice. They look very healthy and their breath smells better... The delivery from ordering the product is very quick and efficient, thank you.
Title: Vet's Kitchen Puppy food
From: Jen Taylor Date: 30/12/2010
Our labrador puppy, Cassie, has been always been fed Joe and Jack's puppy food and is now a very healthy 6 month old pup. Recently our delivery was delayed due to the severe weather and I was forced to give her something else which she was not happy with so was very glad when we were able to get her supply of the new Vet's Kitchen puppy food. She loves it.
Title: Excellent customer and delivery service.
From: Rachael Taylor Date: 21/12/2010
Just to say many thanks for your very quick dispatch of Vet's kitchen puppy food to our house which arrvived the next day, even with the freezing Artic conditions. As always it is a delight ordering from your very friendly staff who seem to really care about the service and product they represent and to the people they speak to. Thank you again for an excellent service and product. Best wishes Rachael & Ian Taylor and Tuppy (5 month old Wheaten Terrier Puppy)
Title: review of wet jack's dog food
From: marion muntane Date: 20/12/2010
As always delivery service fantastic, arrives just 2 days after I submit my order, absolutely deserves the 5/5 rating, the best food I can feed my Boxer dog Lexi, as soon as the food has been put down it is gone in a flash, couldn;t be more happier with Joe & Jacks wet dog food
Title: senior dog food
From: Anne Goad Date: 16/12/2010
I had been waiting for something more suitable for my 10 year old Labrador and was pleased when Joe brought this out. Ben took to it straight away, no problems with upset tummy, but i did introduce it gradually. He now has a large bowl in the morning and a smaller portion at night to try and help him go through the night without needing the toilet. i add on some of the sauce and a bit of mixer. there seems less fibre in the food than the precvious dried complete I used. would recommend it.
Title: Worth buying just to watch the eating antics!
From: Tim Nelmes Date: 15/12/2010
After having fed our two Jack Russells on J&J's dried food for quite some time now we thought that we'd give the wet food a go. It's turned out an evening treat for all of us as we've never seen them both get quite so excited about food. Ollie wiil often try to climb up the cupboard door to get to the worktop when we're preparing it (he's never done this before) and Molly nearly always chases the bowl around the floor, often picking up the whole bowl of food in her teeth to carry it into a different place to start the game again (I'm not sure that she thinks it's a game, but we do!). Excellent evening entertainment for us while providing a wholesome, healthy diet for them. What more could you want?
Title: Christmas Cracker Deal - Light
From: karen scott Date: 15/12/2010
This is proving to be such a success for our very greedy beagles! They can have a little bit more in their dish without it affecting their weight! They are full for longer and more content - although given the chance, I'm sure they'd still find room to eat more! The beagles' coats are looking lovely too, so I'm happy to report that they are thriving.
Title: Joe & Jacks lamb & rice and chicken & rice
From: Sue O'Brien Date: 07/12/2010
Alfie my english setter has alway's suffered from a sensitive stomach not any more thanks to this food he absolutely loves it. the ordering and delivery are excellent thank you so much.
Title: Taster Hamper
From: Tina Evans Date: 01/12/2010
I ordered the taster hamper for my 11 year old cat Mischief to try, when the parcel arrived I was amazed at how much food there was in the hamper and very surprised that Mischief ate every scrap of the wet food and also enjoyed the dry(he is extremely fussy) I am so pleased that natural food is available for animals now and would like to commend you on your valuable work.
Title: Joe & Jills Natural cat food
From: Lisa Powell Date: 29/11/2010
Just thought I would let you know the saga of Franky my four year old siamese cat. Ever since he was a kitten he had various problems with food. He seemed to be allergic to all brands. He was always very very skinny (yes I know Siamese are naturally skinny) but he looked very poor. His coat always stuck up and looked very dry not the normal sleek coat you would expect of a siamese. He had exploratory operations to see why he kept being sick to no avail. In the end my vet told me he was just allergic to everything including us !!!! It used to cost me a fortune feeding him on expensive prescription diets which he really didn't like. And then I found you. I tried a bag of your dried food and haven't looked back since. I nearly had a heart attack when Tesco stopped stocking it but now order direct from you. He now looks beautiful, he has put on weight and now looks as slinky and silky as he should. Just wanted to say how pleased we are and he is a much happier little cat thanks to you X
Title: Joe and Jacks Natural Dog Food
From: Lisa Powell Date: 29/11/2010
I have been buying my German Shepherd Joe & Jacks Chicken & Rice food. Just wanted to say he loves it and I fnd it good value for money. He looks great on it.
Title: various dog foods
From: Annette Tattersall Date: 27/11/2010
My dogs love all the varieties of wet and dry food. They have just moved on to the Vet's Kitchen dry foods, one to the Senior and one to the Adult types and both are very enthusiastically received. They have dry food for breakfast and wet food for dinner, and they appear to be thriving on smaller helpings of both than the suggested amounts.
Title: Spencer Love's this food
From: Sheryl Viercant Date: 24/11/2010
I have a 9 year old Springer Spaniel who's a bit greedy to say the least!! And he really loves this food, he is always looking at his bowl for more. The Natural treats are great too!! I will be trying the sauce soon so I will let you know how he gets on, as he is not very keen on Cider Vinegar!! Spencer is like a puppy again with this food he has so much more energy and his coat is lovely and shinny. Can not praise this food enough. And Stools are good not sloopy always a bonus. Give it a try
Title: liver and cheese treats
From: Angela Hollis Date: 22/11/2010
I have no idea whether they are nice or not but have not received any complaints from Millie our Cairn Terrier. The treats disappear very quickly. She doesn't get many treats because we are trying to maintain her healthy weight as she was spayed at age 6 months. She is now 18 months old, very lively and full of energy. She also has the dried foods from Pets kitchen and munches her way through those quite happily.
Title: Vets Kitchen Light
From: Helen Haddon Date: 22/11/2010
I have just re ordered this food for my one Collie who is prone to puting on weight after being spayed. She has already lost at least 0.5 kg whilst still enjoying her food immensely, so much so my other two have to be kept away from trying to steal it !!. They are still enjoying Joe Jacks Chicken & Rice.
From: Sue Webster Date: 17/11/2010
Hi Jo, My two Jack Russells are loving the Jo and Jacks range of food. Warren my 11 year old loves the wet food trays and Millie my 4year old loves the dried food (all varieties). I have seen a marked improvement in the health of both of them since changing to these, especially in Warren who has age related kidney problems and I have to moniter what he eats. They also both love the Poochworks cheese stars and liver hearts they wait for them after their morning walk. It is so lovely to be able to feed my dogs a healthy diet free from meat derivities and artificial colourings and flavourings. I have recomended this range to everyone I know because I am so happy with the results. We look forward to trying some of your new range on our next order. Many thanks
Title: Salmon and Potato
From: Patrica metcalfe Date: 17/11/2010
Our 9 year old collie cross loves both the flavours. An empty dish each time. Highly recommended
Title: Anne
From: Anne Woolf-Skinner Date: 05/11/2010
I have recently started my 13 year old collie cross on the senior salmon and rice dried food. He is really enjoying it and leaves a clean dish every time. I am so pleased that senior foods are now being added.
Title: Senior Salmon and Rice for dogs
From: Anne Woolf-Skinner Date: 05/11/2010
My 13 year old collie cross is enjoying this new food and I'm delighted that he is eating it up really well. He was previously on Chicken and Rice which he ate but never finished - he always left some in his dish.
Title: Vets Kitchen and Joe Jacks Food
From: Liz Lacey Date: 04/11/2010
Hi Joe Our dogs love your food, especially the wet tray ones. I have tried Charlie on the Senior Vets Kitchen (Salmon & Rice flavour) and he seems to love that, although he is a 'gobbler' for any food. He does have other foods other than the Salmon type, but shall keep an eye on him to see if he asks less when we give him those kind of dry foods. I have noticed you supply the supplements and on my next order I shall get some for him. Many thanks for your help and assistance. Best wishes Liz
Title: Joe & Jacks Wet & Dry Dog Food
From: Jo Field Date: 04/11/2010
My Yorkie Midge, absolutely loves your food Joe. He has 1/4 of wet food tray in the morning and 1 handful of dry in the evening. Midge gets really excited at breakfast and dinner time and I would recommend your food to anyone and everyone. I'm sorry your product didn't work out in Tesco, maybe you should have travelled the country and done some 'food' signings (laughing) but seriously I have to say from ordering to delivery, the speed is second to none and I would gladly shout your praises from the rooftops!!
Title: My vets don't know about Joe and Jacks
From: Anne L Date: 02/11/2010
Since discovering Joe and Jack's dog food, my two lab crosses have gone from strength to strength, many people remark on their wonderful condition, including my vet! But when I tell them about Joe and Jack's they say they've never heard of it! I think that many more dogs could benefit from J&J food, as it's the only brand I've found that doesn't upset my dogs' digestive systems. How about letting the rest of the veterinary profession know about what a fabulous food it is? It beats Hills and Royal Canin etc etc hands down.
Title: Joe Jacks Chicken & Rice Dry
From: Helen Haddon Date: 02/11/2010
My 3 collies absolutely adore this ! Bonnie had always had a very sensitive stomach and I had tried numerous dog foods which never agreed with her. I have been feeding her the dry food for over 2 years now and she has never had any problems since. My other two have followed suit and each dog clears their bowl in an instant the food is put down. It's so nice to know every mouthful is packed with natural ingredients.
Title: review of wet jack's dog food
From: marion muntane Date: 29/10/2010
I am so very pleased with Joe & Kack's wet food, I have been feeding this to my dog Lexi (boxer) for quite a long time now and nothing would tempt me back to feed her on previous foods, the food is very palatable and the comments I've received on her coat are too many to mention, always positive, her coat is as soft as when she was a puppy, I would have no hesitation in recommending this food to any dog owner and I have, keep up the excellent work Joe!!
Title: Chicken and rice wet and dry
From: Pauline Webster Date: 26/10/2010
My newly adopted retired guide dog just can't wait for his meals of chicken and rice. He had a history of tummy upsets but since I've owned him and put him on this food he has had no problems at all. I did feed him just chicken and rice dry food. However one of my other dogs had the wet food and the new one really fancied it so I now give a mixture of both wet and dry. The dry has an abrasive effect upon the teeth and helps keep tartar at bay.
Title: Joe & Jacks natural wet dog food
From: Fay Date: 21/10/2010
My dog Lilly loves the wet food and wags her tail when she finds what's in her food bowl. She had been getting fed up with other dog food although she polishes off the human chicken breast and fish I cook for her!!!! I work full time and much as I love her I don't want to cook everything she eats so it's great to find something she really likes. The delivery service was quick and I'll be happy to order again when the current supply runs out.
From: Jill edgell Date: 19/10/2010
Hi, my two bearded collie x whippets absolutely love both joe jaks wet and dry. they have it mixed. thanks
Title: chicken and rice
From: Paul Chandler Date: 15/10/2010
Our minature Schnauzer Max has clearer eyes and has had no more eye infections since we started to use Joe and Jacks's natural dog food. He also loves the poochwork liver hearts treats would recommend to anyone. Service is great too from a happy owner and their dog
Title: Chicken & Rice dry cat food
From: Suzy DIxon Date: 15/10/2010
I only buy my dry cat food from Joe & Jill's and normally buy about 10 packs at a time to benefit from free delivery. I think it is good value and a quality product. Delivery has always been speedy which is a big plus. Sadly my cat is not so keen on the salmon flavour but the chicken is a hit. I will continue to use Joe & Jill's.
Title: chicken and rice
From: alan dunbar Date: 06/10/2010
This was the first time my dog Daisy tried this feed and she went wild for it - she gets fed twice a day and she seems to be knockling on the door at night for her evening meal - a friend recommended this to us as she has the same breed of dog - polish lowland sheepdog - and both her dog and ours loves the feed. We will keep going with the puppy feed for another couple of months before moving on to the adult feed. highly recommended - by dogs...
Title: Chuicken & Rice Trays
From: mariebiggs Date: 05/10/2010
My cocker spaniel, Honey, never fails to be excited when it's dinner time and scoffs this food in record time. She has a small bowl of the dry food always available to her and eats small amounts whenever she feels the need. Her weight remains constant and she is a picture of health. I do not hesitate to recommend this food to anyone.
Title: Product satisfaction
From: marion muntane Date: 04/10/2010
I am extremely pleased with Joe & Jacks wet food, my dog Lexi absolutely loves it and am pleased to say the chicken variety is now back to what it used to be a couple of months ago, this food leaves lexi with the softest ever coat, she thoroughly enjoys the food and leaves the bowl empty every time, it is with great pleasure that I endorse this food knowing that it only has natural ingredients I am always being ased what food does she eat and it is with no hesitation that I say Joe & Jacks, always a pleasure dealing with Joe who always replies to my e mails, very very happy, just wish my supermarket would stock this food, thanks
Title: joe and jacks natural dog food
From: colleen fish Date: 02/10/2010
We have two jack russell dogs ,and have been feeding them on this food since they were able to eat adult food. We find it a great food for keeping them healthy and seems much better for their digestive systems. The service is excellent, we order one day and it is delivered the next. Recommend joe and jack to all my friends. Well done.
Title: Joe & Jack's Summer Sunshine Special (chicken)
From: Lorraine Twitchen Date: 02/10/2010
We have been feeding our two chocolate labradors Douglas and Dolly Joe Jacks dry food for about 18 months and would now not feed them anything else. They are both healthy, a perfect weight and their coats are lovely. I was actually stopped while I was out walking to enquire what I was feeding my dogs on because they looked so lovely. Eveytime I order the food arrives the next day. Excellent service and a great product. Douglas and Dolly both appreciate it!
Title: Ultimate dog food
From: Green Date: 26/09/2010
I've been feeding my GSD for quite sometime on this food, which he thoroughly enjoys. Wet chicken - mornings - 1/3rd daily ration - other 2/3rds evening - wet lamb with dry chicken/rice alongside, plus the addition of Active Sauce - joints. They are all absolutely superb - so is his poo. Natural British ingredients from an excellent independent company is a rarity and worth supporting. ( every email answered too)
Title: Joe & Jack's Natural Dry Dog Food
From: Ruth Stevenson Date: 24/09/2010
This is the best! Our Airedale Ruby always clears her bowl. She's a really happy, healthy dog. Thanks Joe. Am going to try the Vets Kitchen Natural Dog Food next time, so that she can have variety in her diet. Kind regards, Ruth P.S. Keep up the good work !!!
Title: Being a strict vegan
From: lisa SVDH Date: 22/09/2010
I just want to say that I didn't want my dogs to eat meat,but I know they enjoy it,so one of the most important things for me is that I know the person making the food my dogs eat,cares about the animals that are used to produce it. By using top quality 'happy meat' I know that my dogs won't be eating anything that a person wouldn't. Everything about Joe and Jacks is great and my rescued bull terriers are in such good condition,I get asked all the time what i'm feeding them...and i'm proud to say Joe and Jacks!
Title: Jo and Jack's natural dog dry dog food
From: PaulineWebster Date: 19/09/2010
I have found the chicken and rice dog food to be reaally appreciated by my labs. They love it and I found a big difference in energy levels since they have eaten it. I am sticking to the dry food as I have just adopted a second retired guide dog and his teeth were a little dirty. The dry food is cleaning them up very well. I want to save him from a teeth cleaning proceedure if possible.
Title: chicken and rice
From: norman will Date: 17/09/2010
We have a goldie and a parson russel,we had to buy different food for each dog then we tried Pets Kitchen,Chicken and Rice,now they both enjoy the same food and the food has all the goodness they need,their toilet habits are so consistant compared to before when the cosistancy was one extreme to the other,Great Food,Dogs Love It,First Class Delivery
Title: Lamb and Rice
From: Hilary Jupp Date: 17/09/2010
I have a very picky German Shepherd for whom I had been preparing home cooked meals but, now I've started her on the Lamb and Rice (mixing the wet and dry), she's beginning to eat quite eagerly. The service is excellent; I ordered late one Sunday evening and it arrived on Tuesday morning!
Title: Joe and Jack's puppy food
From: Ana Campbell Date: 15/09/2010
I've been very pleased to find a natural food for my puppy as I feel strongly that the quality of the food given will help my dog thrive and keep him in the best of health. I am extremely happy with the results of the puppy food and Billy's empty bowl backs me up too!
Title: Salmon and Potato biscuits are great
From: DIANE TESTER Date: 15/09/2010
I would like to thank you Joe for the new salmon and potato biscuits. I have a 13 year old greyhound who has just under gone cancer treament for nasal cancer, and we have found it difficult to get him to want to eat for a few days after each treament, so I ordered the biscuits to try and coax him, I gave him a few in his bowl to see if he would try them, well they were gone in seconds and he asked for more, so now he gets them every day and loves them, thank you for helping us to keep our greyhound going from strength to strength at this difficult time. He is making good progress. Please keep up the good work and a really big woof thank you from Brindle the Greyhound.
Title: Joe & Jill's Fresh Chicken and Rice Complete Cat Food
From: Rebecca Weir Date: 12/09/2010
My cat is an elderly lady of 15 years and as such she has a sensitive stomach now. She was being sick with other cat complete foods. I then found your product and she is fine with it and thriving. Any time I order her food it is here within a couple of days so the service is excellent. I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for good service and good cat food.
Title: Choosy dog
From: Edward Grimmitt Date: 11/09/2010
I ran out of wet dog food a couple of weeks ago and bought some from a pet shop. My lab absolutely refused to eat it, I tried another couple of makes, same thing. Luckily I had some Vets Kitchen dry which I had mixed in the wet and she picked it all out, leaving the wet. Eventually my order came through and she absolutely wolfed it down, Goes to show even dogs know what is good for them. I would also add the delivery service is also excellent, one time I ordered at 5pm and recived it at 8am next day. Thank you from a very grateful dog lover.
Title: excellent service
From: Tracy Simcox Date: 08/09/2010
Just to say how impressed i am with your dry dog food, i have been using your food for my Springer spaniel for a few years after researching only the best foods for her and find your the absolute number one, not only are the ingreidients excellent, your delivery service is very quick, sometimes i have recieved the food in under 24 hrs from placing the online order. I recommend you to everyone! well done x
Title: Lynn Denison
From: Lynn Denison Date: 22/08/2010
Having lost my previous two retrievers to cancer, I was very concerned about the high levels of additives in most commercial dog foods. When we acquired our new Flat Coat we changed to Joe & Jacks, using both the wet and dry foods. Both Montgomery (7years old) and Winston (1 and a half) are extremely happy and healthy on their diet. Their coats are amazing - I do not give any other supplements and they are full of energy, Winston rather too much. When we place the order it is usually with us within two days and if we ever have any problems, which is very rare, they are sorted out very efficiently. I would not use any other products. Thank you.
Title: Good Service
From: Louise Wood Date: 20/08/2010
Id just like to say since I found out about your products we have fed our 3 Belgians them. They love your dry food and I try to recommend it to people but they are sceptical as they only know the obvious brands. Delivery is always quick and service is fantastic. Thank you for making such yummy dog food that is so easy to buy. Kind Regards Louise Wood
Title: dog food
From: rhian thomas Date: 17/08/2010
we got a jackrussell x hes not allowed to eat me as he gets nasty but we have tryed your food and he the lovely dog u could meet and are u going 2 do bigger bag of the salmon and potato its a winner as we tryed 20 different dog foods
Title: Delighted dog
From: Annette Batchelor Date: 16/08/2010
It is wonderful to find a biscuit with genuinely natural ingredients and no 'nasties' hidden in the small print. I feed our collie a natural diet supplemented with Joe and Jacks bsicuits. She had her first Salmon and Potato biscuits recently and they hardly touched the bowl before they were wolfed down, she loves them. One delighted dog and a very happy owner; we recommend you to all our dog owning friends. Keep up the good work !!
Title: Vets Kitchen Salmon
From: Anne Date: 15/08/2010
Casper our 2 year old westie loves the new salmon biscuits - even mixed with the wet food (chicken & lamb) - just waiting until Doulgal our 5month old westie can have Joe & Jack wet food to mix with his puppy food from Joe & Jacks Very satisfied - thanks
Title: Vet's Kitchen salmon and potato a winner
From: Janine Stout Date: 14/08/2010
Rufus absolutely loves the new Vet's Kitchen range, especially the salmon and potato flavour, as he adores fish. The ingredients in the new range certainly get Rufus's vote and ours too! The customer service is excellent and we shall certainly be recommending your food to friends. Thank you.
Title: joe and jills cat food
From: susan Hardwick Date: 14/08/2010
Hello Joe, I used to feed my cats and dogs on a natural diet of raw foods and veg. This was very expensive and took a lot of preparation. I now use joe and jils dry and wet food. all the cats are doing very well, esp my old siamease who loses condition if she is put on food with lots of chemicals and addatives. Iam looking at changing my 3 Italian Spinone to joe and jacks. Will you be producing a 15kg bag in future? Very happy with the delivery and service. Thanks from Riva, Max, Maya, Misty, charlie , Bruce and squeak.
Title: beccashouse
From: Nina BUrgess Date: 13/08/2010
My dog is B12 deficient and so I have to keep her on a very strict diet. I was really excited to see the new food come out as the new additions to this fabulous food would certainly be good for any dog and especially mine as she is my assistance dog and I want/need to take EXTRA special care of her. I did as you are supposed to and added a bit of the new food in her old Joe n Jacks and now IVe just mixed what was left of the old batch with the new batch. There have been NO tummy probs at all and she seems to be loving the new food! Thanks for the new food and I hope to see it in more stores soon! I had read that Jack n Jills was going to be in ASDA, I hope that Joe n Jacks will be as well!
Title: Mixed Packs of Wet Dog Food
From: Alison Lanes Date: 13/08/2010
I have been buying your products for some years now and I am very happy with it My English Show Springer Spaniel Alfie, has absolutly no problem, and cleans his dish in seconds I feel happier knowing its full of good things, I really did not know what was in other products Ordering is easy with a quick delivery Long may it last
Title: Happy Dog
From: Elizabeth Hancock Date: 06/08/2010
Hi Joe we first met you at the Wag and Bone show a few years ago - Joe & Jacks was the only food Major didn't turn his nose up at. At first we would order on line - but then were thrilled to learn that we could purchase it in our local JS supermarket... What happened! When JS removed Joe Jacks from their shelves we were sorely disspointed and switched to IAMS; Major was reluctant at first but with a little fresh chicken just about managed to eat it. However I noticed that his coat had lost some of its shine and quickly reverted back to purchasing Joe & Jacks on line... He's a happier dog now, his coat and teeth look great. Many thanks - Liz (& Major - 8 yr old Border Collie).
Title: Excellent Stuff!!!
From: Emma Love Date: 03/08/2010
The food arrived extremely quickly and customer service is excellent. We have had a few problems integrating the food into our cat's diet (they aren't sure about food that has a pate consistency) but with a little coaxing and small helping of dry biscuits mixed in everyone seems to be enjoying the food. Will def buy some more when this batch runs out!
Title: dog food
From: dorothy wood Date: 03/08/2010
Dear Joe I have a staffi cross four years old and wanted food with out all the additives. She loves the chicken and rice also lanb and rice and Ii also find the the steamed dinners very good - I find them all very good! D.Wood
Title: Becky's collitis
From: Norma Wright Date: 22/07/2010
Since I've started supplementing the vet's food with your chicken and rice meals Becky hasn't suffered any more bouts of collitis. - I am so pleased thank you
Title: Amazing new website!
From: David Hughes Date: 21/07/2010
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your new website - it looks amazing and is soooo much better than the old one. Great work and look forward to being a regular visitor!
Title: Joe & Jack's Chicken
From: Marie Nute Date: 21/07/2010
Although Sowena has eaten your Dry Lamb food since a puppy she has never been that quick to finish her tea. (she has your wet food, either flavour for breakfast) Since buying the new chicken flavour dry food she wolf's it down (excuse the pun) She really loves it and now instead of putting down a bowl of dry food and allowing her to pick at it whenever she feels hungry I have to give her a specific amount for her tea esle she gobbles it all up straight away! Great receipes as always. Thanks! Marie and woofs from wena too
Title: Best cat food!
From: Maureen Laverman Date: 21/07/2010
I just wanted to let you know that since changing my 13 cats main diet to Joe and Jill’s dried food we have seen some remarkable changes. The cats range from 18 months to twelve years old and all have changed to the new food with no problems at all. In fact, as soon as they hear me refilling their bowls with new food they are practically standing on top of each other to get at it. It’s also not uncommon to see them forming cues at the bowls awaiting their turn...patiently! Mitzy, one of my rescue girls only has one tooth and she has no problem crunching the biscuits. I’ve got no hesitation in saying that this has got to be the best food I have fed my cats on and this is with twenty years of experience behind me.
Title: Great service!
From: Bernice Joseph Date: 21/07/2010
Thank you for your wonderful personal service, a rare commodity in this day. I will be telling all my friends that not only do you offer fantastic pet products, but your service is secondary to none.
Title: A different pup!
From: Mrs S Lilley Date: 21/07/2010
Woody (our golden retriever) is loving the new food, he is 3 months and I was concerned about his somewhat erratic behaviour on the Royal Canin food which the breeder had sent him home on. I worked out the additives and high proportion of protein (31%) was just too much for the little guy and since we have begun to change him on to your food he is a different pup, so much more relaxed and calmer. Thanks so much, will obviously be placing another order soon!